How important is the dialogue in your book to you?


Is the dialogue in your manuscript important to you? Do you spend serious time developing this aspect of your work?

Each genre and age group will vary as well as location and time frame in each book. You will have different dialects, slang, and usage of words.

But do you pay attention to that? More importantly, do you expect your readers to notice? To notice and not be concern about it? Or rather, put your book down?

Dialogue is important. It moves your story from section to section. If you don’t give it the time it deserves, your book may go nowhere with your readers.

There are countless amount of books and webinars on this topic alone for a reason.

If you are writing for children, you have to write the dialogue that they will understand, not be over their head or below. Just because they are children doesn’t mean one should not work on it.

There are so many moving parts to a book. Each works together to advance the plot from beginning to end. They all have to work well together, and this includes dialogue.

When did the price of an ebook or a hardcover book become so ridiculous?


When did books become so expansive? More precisely, hardcover and ebooks.

One of my publishers has been using different formats for the books, and now Jasper is in hardcover and large print for starters.

Loving the feel of a hardcover, I happily went online to buy a copy of each of my books. Well, until I saw how much they were charging.

When did things get so out of whack? Has it been a while, and I’m just noticing?

I have no clue, yet the prices that booksellers attach to a book by a publisher or author have gotten out of hand.

I have found ebooks that are priced in the high teens and even in the twenties. Why? I mean, after all, their printed book is much less. Even if am an ebook reader, which I am not, I would go to paperback first. Logically and wallet wise I am not going to do it.

I get the big-name authors getting those prices. Now, this does not mean I agree with it, but I see the logic.

I am glad I prefer printed books over ebooks. I am sure I will get a hard copy of my books eventually.

But when the print format is way less than a hardcover or even an ebook, I will be going that route for the most part.

Have you encountered a book where the print was small?

Have you ever read a book where the print was small?

For Christmas, I received a book from one of my favorite authors, Bentley Little. I was so excited. Then I opened the book and was shocked. Usually, the font and size of the words are 12. This book was at 10.

I purchased a magnifier just to read the book. I didn’t get far.

When one creates a book, everything needs to be taken into consideration. Everything. One has to consider the book cover, editing, revising, and repeat.

But it never occurred to me about the size of the words. I never had to. I have publishers who are good at what they do. It was not until I opened this particular book did this came to mind.

Even on a good day, when I was younger, would I be able to read this without getting a headache.

I still have not finished it. I have completed two books since opening the cover of this particular novel. Considering how long I have waited for a new book by Little, this is frustrating. Maybe I will buy it in large print. Who knows, that might be what is a regular for the rest of us.

Sorry, Bentley, I adore you, but this book will be where it is at gathering dust for now. But it is now something I will keep in mind for future books that I write or buy.

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