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Getting reviews for my books: A hard task indeed

Getting reviewed for your book is not always easy. No, no, that’s not it. Maybe pigs will be able to fly once someone leaves one?

We learn where the issues are in our manuscript when others critique our works. It is so helpful for writers. When I go online to purchase something, I tend to check the reviews to get a better view of what to expect.

But asking for a critique is no guarantee you will get one, even if you

offer them a free book. Reading and writing a review online take some time, and one should consider that when they say yes after being asked.

What hurts is Amazon will remove reviews. Anyone who reviewed my book would have to spend at least 50 bucks a year, every single year. By doing so, any review they post remains on the site. If not, down it comes.

I woke up one day excited to log in and check how many reviews I had for my first book. I was anxious, for the count was close to 50. My giddiness went down the tube when I noticed 18 removed. A few years after that, another 12. It came down to customers having to buy $50 in a given year.

I was so frustrated and angry, but it made no difference, for that was and is the policy. Any review I leave will stay on Amazon since spending that dollar amount in one year is not an issue. But after losing reviews a second time, I started looking at other sites that are more writer-friendly with reviews.

So, if a writer asks for a review, think before you say yes. I rather hear no, than offer a free book and wait and wait and wait for one that will never come.