My birthday week: It’s all about me like it should be all about you on your birthday

My birthday falls this week. I am fortunate to have people in my life and around me that will give me gifts, cards and feed me to celebrate my birthday. But I take it a step further.

First of all I won’t do any chores at home on the actual day. I will do the basic but not anything heavy lifting or time-consuming. No, not doing it. I will do things that I normally don’t do. Things that through the year I find excuses to say I will do it next time.

I will always go to the used book store and hopefully find a Stephen King book I may not have. Granted I go to this store a lot but it is still something I do. I will also go to the big named bookstore and buy me a King book. Granted his books are ridiculously priced, yes he has earned it, but doesn’t mean Sharon has to pay full price. It is my treat to myself. And by the way I have just about all of his books so it is not often I find one.

I will always go to Olive Garden for I love their Zuppa Toscana soup sooo much and their tiramisu cake is the best in this area. The refillable soup bowl fills me up leaving the main meal for another day.

I always try to buy something new or try something different if I can. Discovering two beauty schools in town, and having their list of what they offer, I will drop in and pick something.

A movie is usually on tap. I have no problem going to the movies alone I just as always don’t make time for it like I use to. But this week I will.

I always take my camera out and go somewhere in this area to just walk and take pictures. Happily one of my friends from LA bought me wide lens for my camera so this puppy needs to be tested.

Yes, it is all about me. But it is more about me making time for me. Once this week is over I will go back to how I am making time for everyone and making reasons why I can wait to do something for me. I hope you all do something similar and that is make time for yourself and if you don’t at least do it around your birthday.

This is a great week. I may be older, slower and x and y and z but I am still moving forward for at least once this year thinking of me.


Creating your book cover: Is it important to you?


How does one go about finding the right cover for their books? If you have a publisher that helps. I was fortunate to have one that worked with me in getting a cover.

When it came to my self published stuff I had to come up with it on my own. For my Squirrel Mafia book the pictures on the cover and inside the book were photos I took. The book was non fiction so it worked. Other covers I have tried to come up with pictures I could take that would work there as well.

There are sites that sell book covers for a variety of prices. There are sites where you can create your own. There are sits that sell stock photos that you can use.

What cover you use can determine how well the book is looked at. The old phrase, “Don’t judge a book by its cover”, is not one you want to adhere to. The cover is what gets your book picked up and looked at. Not taking the time to do so may not work out for you.

A few sites that people have used are



– Shutterstock

These are just a few that other writers have used.

Apart from that here is a blog post that goes into what you think about as you make your own c over.

Take the time to work on your cover. It can make the difference in your book being looked at or overlooked.

Book contract: Sign readily?


When I was offered my first book contract I was over the moon. I had a few people look it over and did some research to make sure it looked good. I signed it and we proceeded to getting the cover, more edits and all the things involved in getting a book out in print to the public. And the rest is history as the saying goes.

Time move on and things didn’t sit right with me after a couple of years so I asked for my rights back. That prove problematic. Very problematic to be more specific.

I could write a small book on what to look for in a contract, what to question and to know if you should sign or walk away. Things I did not know at first and as a newly signed author would not have known until something went wrong.

One has to ask questions, do the research and make sure your book and yourself are being represented well. It took such a long time for you to get to this point. Don’t get so excited that someone wants to put your book in print.

As a new author back than I did the research but I didn’t know what to be looking for or asking for exactly. I did the best that I could. And for the most part it worked out.

So what to look for?

-make sure there is a termination clause listed and that is is specific.

-make sure you learn when the royalties will be dispersed

-make sure you understand the double secret code some might use when they explain your royalties and how the money is divided.

-make sure you are able to contact them in time of need besides the website they run

-ask if they have ways of having your book reviewed and how they go about doing that

-what happens if they fold?

There are more but this is what cam to mind at the time of this blog. Not all of the above applied to me but from other frustrated authors.

There will be times where it all looks good and it could be exactly what is written down on paper. There will be times where blips will occur and it seems the publisher has all the rights while you have none. But there are many people out there who are willing to work with you in looking over your contract and helping you when times go south.

Don’t be in a rush to sign over your rights to your book. It is tempting but this your baby and it deserves the same TLC that you gave it while creating it.

I am more cautious with anyone who is interested in any of my manuscripts. And that is a good thing.