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Volume one of my children’s chapter book series is now in Spanish: Woohoo!

I came across this picture on Amazon. The first volume in my children’s chapter book series is now in Spanish.


I had no clue this had happened. Even though I don’t speak Spanish I quickly purchased a copy for myself.

It is in ebook only at the moment. But I may be searching for something down the road and find the paperback also in Spanish.

This was a nice surprise to see my book translated into another language. It is a chance for more children to learn about Jasper, the rainforest and family values all in one book.

Jasper, Amazon Parrot: Placing in two categories in the top 100 for Kindle in the UK


With the pandemic hitting everyone it has given me time to do more research for work.

I found out by that “Jasper, Amazon Parrot: A Rainforest Adventure” placed in the top 100 for Kindle in the UK for children’s bird ebooks at #27. Oh, my goodness. Plus at #74 for the category of children’s intermediate readers. Granted this was last week. But, woohoo!!

I took a screen shot for prosperity. I have over the last six months been enjoying having the audible for the first two volumes being in Amazon’s Best Sellers 100 list for their genre. That is exciting and I have as well taken screen shots for each spot they were at.

But this is a new milestone for Jasper and I. To place in the top 100 for Kindle in two categories is huge. It is something I have heard other authors talk about when their books have made it. I’ve been jealous a little but happy at the same time.

I can now say that has happened to me as well.

If it happens to you, let me know. I’ll be excited and happy for you as well.

Your mind set when it comes to your brand: Is is go big or give up after a few failures?


Every Monday, or rather I try my best to do so, is #MotivationMonday for Twitter

The one I placed this Monday was:

#MotivationalMonday “I have learned over the years that when one’s mind is made up, this diminishes fear.”- Rosa Parks- I was determined to write, determined to get published & determined to be an author. Yes, I was fearful of so many things but my mind was set.

I felt that was the mindset I had to have. This field is very competitive and one can easily be overlooked. But I kept pushing through especially when people didn’t think I could do it. I had family and friends who laughed and thought there was no way I was going to get anywhere. Others thought it was a cute hobby to keep me busy. I am pretty sure some of those same people still feel the same way.

I had a fellow author who queried five publishers. When they all turned her down she gave up submitting anymore. I have tried to convince her to continue. But her mindset is that she can’t get published.

If that had been me, the Jasper series would have never seen the light of day. Ever.

But I had the mindset to continue.

There is so much to learn and get right. You have so many authors out there who have been doing it longer than me and those who have agents. You see authors who are published with the top five major publishing houses. With self publishing taking off as fast as it did, any one can be an author.

So, standing out and making it takes time and a mentality to push you through the pile of those trying to do the same as you.

But I was determined. Plus, I had the time to do so.

Yes, I failed. But each failure pushed me through to the next place I needed to be at. I guess it all depends on how much do you want what you are trying to obtain? Do you have the mindset to accomplish your goals?