My birthday week: It’s all about me like it should be all about you on your birthday

My birthday falls this week. I am fortunate to have people in my life and around me that will give me gifts, cards and feed me to celebrate my birthday. But I take it a step further.

First of all I won’t do any chores at home on the actual day. I will do the basic but not anything heavy lifting or time-consuming. No, not doing it. I will do things that I normally don’t do. Things that through the year I find excuses to say I will do it next time.

I will always go to the used book store and hopefully find a Stephen King book I may not have. Granted I go to this store a lot but it is still something I do. I will also go to the big named bookstore and buy me a King book. Granted his books are ridiculously priced, yes he has earned it, but doesn’t mean Sharon has to pay full price. It is my treat to myself. And by the way I have just about all of his books so it is not often I find one.

I will always go to Olive Garden for I love their Zuppa Toscana soup sooo much and their tiramisu cake is the best in this area. The refillable soup bowl fills me up leaving the main meal for another day.

I always try to buy something new or try something different if I can. Discovering two beauty schools in town, and having their list of what they offer, I will drop in and pick something.

A movie is usually on tap. I have no problem going to the movies alone I just as always don’t make time for it like I use to. But this week I will.

I always take my camera out and go somewhere in this area to just walk and take pictures. Happily one of my friends from LA bought me wide lens for my camera so this puppy needs to be tested.

Yes, it is all about me. But it is more about me making time for me. Once this week is over I will go back to how I am making time for everyone and making reasons why I can wait to do something for me. I hope you all do something similar and that is make time for yourself and if you don’t at least do it around your birthday.

This is a great week. I may be older, slower and x and y and z but I am still moving forward for at least once this year thinking of me.


Sports and being an author: It’s related


Being an avid sport fan in a number of sports can be: amazing, frustrating, exhilarating, maddening, sad, fun, incredible and so much more.

But do you stop rooting for your time when they do poorly? Ahem, bandwagon fan. Do you continue to watch the games and root, root, root for the home team? I am the later. My teams since 2000 have done amazingly well. Prior to 2000 two of them did amazingly well. But the others were bottom of the barrel, trying your all but failing kind of games. My football team had one and two win seasons which was hard. But I stuck by them. I stuck by all of them. Because to me that is what a true fan is.

Being an author is the same mentality. You will have ups and downs. You will have periods of incredible highs and periods of incredible lows. Do you stop or do you continue? Do you keep at it knowing that with a bit of time, okay a hell of a lot of time, hard work things will start to look up? I know I do.

It is not easy. Just like sports you have to put in the time and effort to get to the end game whatever your endgame is as an author. If you are going to be a bandwagon kind of author than you shouldn’t be too surprised at the end results.

But if you want more than do it like your teams do it and the fans of the team. Give it your best. Put in the work and time. Do it. Because at the end of the day regardless how it ends you can at least say you gave it your all.

Writing conference: Bring it


How many of you go to writing conferences, if you can that is? Getting to hang out with other like-minded people is huge for one’s spirit and motivation.

Where I live there are not that many so I am always on the lookout for any that are not too far and not too expensive. Happily I will be attending the NCWN conference soon and with me being a member the price was reduced.

I know I have a little way to go before the day is here but I am SOOOO excited. The moods during a conference seem to vibrate apart from the murmur of people talking. Even if you can’t physically attend more and more conferences are being televised online. The chat room always brim over as the participants talk about the topic at hand. Some are also free.

To be honest who gets what it is like to be a writer than another writer? Who truly understands the time and effort it takes to go from an idea, to writing the end, to getting it critiqued to either self publish the book or start query publishers? It is very time-consuming and while one can feel fantastic when they write, “The End”, that is just the beginning.

Conferences will have publishers, agents, illustrators, editors and so much more to investigate before, between and after the classes. It is our time to really just fully enjoy our craft.

One of the classes I signed up for involves me bringing a draft of any current project. I tend to shy away from these but took a deep breath and signed up. Am I regretting it? I lost count how many time I told myself yes. LOL But the end results will be worth it. Having a group of accomplish people reading my work and helping me move it alone to the next stage as I will do for the others should be well worth it.

Is it the end of April yet?