Do you belong to a tribe of writers?


Being a writer is a solitary profession. If you can find a writing group locally it is a huge burst of camaraderie.

Writing groups are wonderful. Many places have them through the library, bookstores and coffee shops, For those not fortunate to have one in your area check online. If that is not an option, why not trying starting one of your own? I have formed three in my area to date. It has given me the confidence in my writing, time with similarly like minded people and it has improved my writing in a way I could not have done on my own.

To be around other writers who feel and think like you is massive. Especially when you have family members or friends who think little of what you are doing. The only one who truly gets the hard work, effort and time one puts into one book is another writer.

You also get more eyes on your WIP which is huge. They will find loopholes, time versus show issues, grammar issues, plot problems and just so many more. Now, they are not to be taken for the replacement of an editor. But it can get your manuscript in better shape than before you joined.

So, don’t go it alone. It is just so much more fun and advantageous when you are chilling with those who get you.

Do you have a space to write?


Do you have a space to call your own where you can write? Do you have a place where you can close a door and do the many aspects of writing?

I am fortunate that I do have an office with doors that can shut off the rest of the house. It is in my bird room. Yes, bird room. I been rescuing and adopting birds since 1998. Though my birds are no longer in this space when anyone in this house refers to this room it is not Sharon’s office . It is called the bird room.

It is a place for me to have space for my books on writing which can be extensive if one is not careful. I have space for file cabinets. It has space for two huge bookcases to load my favorite authors and new ones, to me, for me to check out.

It has my cork board and a nice size calendar to note when I need to put up a blog post, when I need to send out information through my author’s platform, deadlines on interviews, reviews and the likes.

Now while all one needs is paper and pen, tablet or a laptop to write, having a space to spread out is amazing. I can shut out the world, turn on some good music, have a glass or sweet ice tea or Pepsi and go for it.

The bottom line is I hope you have a space, regardless how it is defined, to write and do the magic you do when you create your WIP. A place that makes you sing internally, and maybe externally, and gets you excited to write.

I was just interviewed by a radio station: Out of England

This past Tuesday I was interviewed via Skype for a radio program out of England. It was not very long. But it gave me a chance to talk about my brand and myself.

It was a great opportunity to practice speaking about myself in this format.

I was nervous, excited and than I went back to being nervous. The interviewer, Ron, was a delight and helped me get over the butterflies I had. Within minutes it was over but in a short time it was like I was talking to a friend.

They thought I was awesome. Their words. I have been asked if I would like to come back in October to which I happily agreed.

Me? Agree to go back?

I rode this bike once so maybe that is why it was easy to say yes.

I am at 33 minutes and 29 seconds into the program. Give it a listen. Hopefully I don’t sound like a total doofus. LOL

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