Writing coach: a new aspect of my business


A year or two ago I started to expand my business and became a writing coach. Four or five years prior I offered for free what I knew and had learned to writers I knew in this area. I thought, and I guess foolishly, that people would take me up on my offer especially since it was for free.

What I received instead was. “Yeah, but I don’t have time to meet with you,” or I would get blank stares. Some did realize the value of it but never enacted on it. I was floored for if someone offers me something of use for free I am all over it especially if it will help me with my writing. So I stopped asking them for I am sure they were tired of hearing me and I know I was tired of trying to help those with what I knew.

One day someone asked for my help and asked me how much I was charging. I told them no charge I would be glad to help. She wouldn’t hear of it and paid me for a straight year. That is how I got started. Soon after a second person contacted me and asked what was the charge for me to read their entire manuscript and see where they might need to fix it.

So now I charge. Granted now when the same people who I offered to help for free hear I am now charging they are not happy at all and when they hear the price they are more unhappy. To be honest I am priced very low in comparison to the other people who do what I do. But now yes I do charge and while I use to feel bad about it I am okay with it now. I guess until you price yourself what you know is not considered worthy? That was an interesting revelation for me

The business is growing nicely and word of mouth has been a big boost for me in getting clients. I work with clients in helping them with pace, flow, loopholes, social media, developmental editing, getting writers going from beginning to end and a good portion in between.

It is fun to be able to help people get to where they are trying to go with their manuscript. The excitement in their eyes and voices are rewarding.

Writing is so much more than just writing.


I live with my main character to my children’s series


It is this big guy’s anniversary of coming home to his forever home. Well, actually it was in October 18 years ago when our youngest child came to his forever home. In 1999 we rescued/adopted a five-year old yellow cheek Amazon parrot and life has never been the same.

His first owner was an Army soldier. She either didn’t do the research, thought it was cute to have an exotic animal or she was casual about the whole thing for she had him in a cage made for a cockatiel. Jasper could not stretch out his wings for the first five years of his life.

Upon coming home to our small apartment he would not come out of his open cage for the first six months with us. Nothing I could do to entice him worked. I also know to this day anytime I use a broom or mop around him he gets very skittish and very upset. I can only speculate what that means.

Jasper is an amazing animal who is smarter than some people I personally know. He shows us love and compassion and a lot of laughs. To those who have told me birds can’t be pets I say two things. First of all if you can say that then you have never had the privilege of having one in your home. Second you are right for Jasper is not our pet he is our family. He is now 23 years old and in bird years he is still considered young. He hates and loves me sometimes at the same time. But he knows he is loved and cared for and knows, and this is the important part, that he will never be harmed while he is with us. This is his forever home, period. We wouldn’t want it any other way. I still to this day would slap the woman who thought this was okay.

I have had many different kind of pets over the years and have always enjoyed the bond formed with them. But rescuing birds since 1998 has been one of the best experiences I have enjoyed. Especially one who talks back, knows what he is saying, knows when to use it and is constantly learning and improving himself.

And by observing him all these years he has become my main character to my children’s series. A majority of the mannerisms that one reads I have seen him do.

So Happy Anniversary Jasper, may we enjoy many more years with you.

Happy Thanksgiving



This week we celebrate our history of the pilgrims coming to the New World for a better life. I was fortunate to read the book “ They Came For Freedom: The Forgotten, Epic Adventure Of The Pilgrims” by Jay Milbrandt. It tells us the, if you will, the behind the scene of what they had to do to accomplish that feat in Europe and here in America. It literally blew my mind at that history which so many of us do not know about. They went through so much to exercise their right to follow their faith.

A lot of us during this time of year will visit family and friends, enjoy an amazing meal with awesome leftovers, watch football and have days off to sit back and relax. Others will do all that plus visit the stores for the sales. And I wonder if people knew a bit more of what went on would they be more appreciate now.

But I want to wish all of you a Happy Thanksgiving wherever you are whether you are traveling or staying home, if you have to work , whether you will be able to spend time with family or with friends.

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone!