Is writing a big part of you like let’s say breathing?


I am a late bloomer. When some of my writers friends asked me how long I have been writing I told them since the end of 2009. What I received back was wonder and amazement for they had been working on their books for way longer.

Let me give you a brief background into how it started. In the summer of 2009 my husband mentioned to a dear and close friend of mine that he felt I wrote well. She proceeded to tell me. For how else do you tell your wife this but through her friend, right? Near the end of 2009 I had two surgeries, they were unrelated, within 6 weeks of each other. One did require I stay in bed for a few days. Now since she told me in the summer this bit of news from hubby I had been thinking in my head a story. With me being laid up for a few weeks I proceeded to start working on my first novel that is now known as “Jasper, Amazon Parrot: A Rain forest Adventure” which lead me on this path.

Sure, I wrote some poetry when I was growing up and in fact I still have the notebooks they are in but as far as writing novels and such that was not something I thought of. But once you start writing the writing bug takes a hold of you and now to not write is not something I would ever consider.

So while people who do not write have said, and will again, to me, “Are you still writing?” it is refreshing when a fellow writer and author comes to me and says, “Sharon, what are you working on right now?”

The bug is alive and well in me which suits me fine.


How do you write your stories?



How do you write your amazing books and short stories? Growing up we had an electric typewriter but mind you this was later in high school. Before we either wrote in pen very carefully so we didn’t make mistakes or use the typewriters at school if they were available.

We didn’t see a computer until my high school years where they were locked up in a room and only opened by the tech who taught us how to use them. Yippee, right? I didn’t own my first computer until my second or third year in college. I used my first credit card to buy a used one and I instantly maxed the card out. LOL

I guess with not having the equipment then like people do now I got use to writing everything by hand. Even with what I have available to me a computer, a smart pen and a smart tablet. But most of the times I revert back to writing by hand. This is frustrating since I have to retype it once I am done. But it is ingrained in me and even with the technology now I tend to still write this way.

The beautify of writing by hand I tell people is you can write anywhere with it. Yes, they make computers and tablets smaller and smaller it seems now these days but being able to curl up in a chair, beanbag or laying down on the floor while writing on my lap is something that is more comfortable if I’m using pen and paper.

I also find I am more creative when I do write by hand. Once an idea hits my head the pages do fly as I try to get it all down on paper. Even with what I have available before me and what new inventions yet to be invented I will always in my heart feel better when I write by hand.

A fact that seems to make people either totally get me for they do the same thing or they are wowed.

Branding yourself does work: Finding a home for my short story


An opportunity came across my desk which just reminded me again why having an author’s platform is beneficial to writers.

A few months ago I was checking my sites out to make sure all were working like I wanted. I ran across a friend who was entering a submission for a publication. Checking it out further the person who was behind it all invited me to submit also. They were taking 1000 submissions but only one per author would be accepted though you could submit as many as you like. You had to write a flash fiction of 200-300 words. Now this is for an anthology published in Brazil with the release day being 2018.

There would have been a slim chance, a very slim chance, of me hearing about this on my own. But thankfully to my platform it fell into my lap. I only submitted one but I made the first cut! It would be really cool if my short story landed in this book especially one from another country. It would be a new way to make my brand shine with a new audience.

So even though I harp a lot to others about creating one’s brand this is just another example of why one should have one.