Dream big when it comes to your writing


Amazon has gotten so big, especially with books, one can feel and get lost in the shuffle.

With all the famous authors out there who are making their publisher, themselves, and Amazon rich, it is easy to feel like you are falling through the crack as an author who is not on that tier level.

But still, we try like little fish trying to get into a bigger pond. It comes down to what is your personal goal for yourself as an author.

If you don’t have any, get some. Now.

I know an author who writes for her pleasure. That is fine. It is if that is your goal. If not, then write up where you want to be, where you want your book to be in whatever time frame you want.

We will have different goals. I have accomplished all except for two. But the two are pipe dreams. One should have pipe dreams, in whatever your passion, job, or life contains.

I like to make it into a higher tier of authors and to have my books made into a movie. Whether by a low-budget company, a mini series, or play, that would be fine.

I am not picky. No, not a lick.

It is fun to fantasize about what actor would play the various characters in my book. Also, not to be outdone, to be on a higher tier as an author, one where one has big book signings and a higher presence in the book world.

There is fun in that. Dream big is a phrase I use a lot. But it is one I practice.

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What phrase do you hear that drives you bonkers?: Looking at you writers


The next time you hear a loud, bellowing scream, it will be because I read this in a book or it came from the tv or through the radio. It’s complicated.

How many of you have heard this from a TV show or in a book? To say this is getting overused is truly an understatement.

You see and hear this in areas where it is not complicated. However, the writer is too lazy to write out the scene.

Stop being lazy. Give your readers and viewers the sense that they are not total idiots and explain to them the situation instead of expecting them to accept it. Why not give your audience some credit in that they might understand?

If you have a short show that is 30 minutes with commercials long, maybe hold back from using it. How about you create a scene that works? Why cop-out? You have roughly 22 minutes to explain why the situation is complicated. One can do this in two to three sentences.

If it is in a movie or a book, you have the time to write it out. Yes, you do. Do your job.

Yes, there are some instances where it fits. But every single time has gotten old.

My Children’s books are At Walmart



I found out by accident that my books are at Walmart. Consider my mind blown. I knew my publisher was looking into new ventures, but I would not have even come close to thinking Walmart.

When I told my friend, Vicki, she was excited. She said this means I have made it. I did chuckle, for I was not too sure bout that.

Depending on where you live, some of my books will only be online for Walmart. Others will be in the actual store.

Yes, I immediately checked out the Walmart closest to me, but nope no luck. Now, that would have been awesome. I need to know someone, anyone, who lives in an area where they are in the actual store.

But while the hunt is on for this to happen, I will continue to work on my two series. Plus, other projects screaming at me to pull them out of my file cabinet to work on them.

Volume four to my children’s chapter book series is rounding out the last edits. After, I will work on Squirrel Mafia 2.

Maybe by the time I send them off to my editor, I will find a store that has Jasper in it.

Here is the link for Walmart:

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