Having people blog for you: Ramona Mead

For the second time, I had someone guest post on one of my blogs. It was fun going back forth with the blogger as she came up with an article for me. It was my way of saying thank you for her hosting me on her site earlier.

When we help each other, we are helping ourselves. It is a theme I preach on often. Working as an author can be solitary. So, reaching out to others gives us contacts and a camaraderie that only they get.

It is something I need to do more, especially when it is a win-win for both parties. The authors do the heavy lifting while also sharing my site. I return the favor.

Authors I have come across have not always agreed with my assessment of working with other writers.

It’s okay. Maybe, the author will learn in time, and perhaps not. How will I answer the next time I’m questioned? It’s simple. I know how to work with others. You know, kind of how we learned as kids growing up.

Ramona wrote about what it takes to be a book blogger. I learned a lot from her post and, hopefully, my readers will enjoy. I feel they will.

So, here is the link to showcase a new friend who is the same business as me.


Collaboration: A good idea for writers?


“We should work together.”

‘Would you like to collaborate with me on ____?”

“It would be great if we worked on a project together.”

The list goes on.

Over the years, a dozen people have made various remarks like the ones above to me. I have always gotten excited. But I soon realized the above meant two things.

First, it would not pan out due to life, circumstances, and more.

Two, what people meant was this. They want me to do the work with input and ideas now and then from them. They want me to revise and edit the whole book with thoughts now and then from them. They want me to shop the manuscript to publishers with no input from them. They want me to do the bulk of promotion and marketing. They also want me to use my well-established author platform on their behalf while they enjoy what comes from it.

Hey, if I could convince someone to do that, I would climb aboard that train. Well, to a certain degree.

But, no.

Hmm. Let me be more clear on this topic. Hell no.

Either they don’t know how much work is necessary or they don’t want to do a share of it.

I understand. Doing this kind of work is not easy. It involves a lot of time and effort. Things I am willing to put into a collaboration with someone.

However, if you think I am going to do the bulk of the work and you put your name on that cover, you are delusional.

If someone is willing to work with me, that is awesome. I welcome it.

But until that moment arrives, I will stick to working on my own.

NanoWriMo Time: Reasons to give it a try


This week began the month-long dash to write 50k words for November. This insane event is called NaNoWriMo for National November Writing Month.

It is a challenge like no other. After shying away from this competition, I tried it four times and won it four times.

Have you considered doing this event? I believe it is a win-win situation. In my mind, no such thing as failing at NaNoWriMo.

If you write something, anything, you have won. If you have met with people virtual, now because of the virus, join the forum, hung out with writers, you have won.

If you have exchanged ideas with others to help push the envelope forward toward your project, you have won.

Granted, people might feel if you don’t get the word count, you failed. You will have obsessive people like me who will make it work regardless because that is just how we are. I would not recommend that approach. LOLOL

My friend Robin has the best approach. She calls it NaNoWriMore. Her goal is to write more than she writes any given day. If she makes her goal, it is a win. NaNo is what you make it out to be. So what if your goal is different from completing the 50k words? What works for you is what works for you.

Being a writer is a solitary profession. You might have writing groups online or in real life, may hang out with them from time to time that beats the time when you are writing alone.

Some people like that. Some need the chatter of like-minded people with them a bit more often.

That is where NaNo comes in. It is a great way to hang out, even if it is virtual. It helps feeds us when it comes to writing. I know it does for me.

The buzz and excitement one can feel through the forum meetings. It is palpable.

While I did not compete this year, I am eyeing it for next year.

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