Making contacts through a social platform

A fellow author reached out to me to collaborate with them on a book. Others have reached out to me over the last few years, and it has always fizzled out.

Knowing me already from a couple of local conferences where he was the lead speaker, he reached out for my expertise.

Yet, this post is not about me collaborating. It’s about making contacts through your writer’s group, online form, webinars, and conferences. I can’t stress enough how valuable it is in making contact.

I’ve said this many times in the past. I met someone through social media in a writer’s group. He told me about his editor, and at the time, I didn’t have one and couldn’t afford one. Reaching out, she soon became my editor. Nancy is worth her weight and gold and then some. But that’s how I found my editor. How did I find my first publisher? It was through LinkedIn. My second? Another contact

I stay vigilant when it comes to my social media, paying attention to everyone else, watch what’s going on. I keep my eyes out on people who I can help and who can help me. And from that, I’ve been fortunate in having some books out. I have met editors, illustrators, and just amazing people who have been supportive and helpful.

But it comes back to making contacts. If you want to do this alone, go for it. The journey is more interesting when you don’t.

Do you get distracted when you write?

Do you get distracted when you write? Are you near your TV, fridge, music, and things to keep you from writing your next great novel?

Focusing your mind on your story or your book is hard enough, but we have things that keep your mind off it makes it even harder. Help you if you go online to social platforms, Youtube, the weather, news, and anything else that can keep you distracted.

If so, how do you get yourself back to writing? One thing that I do is start a timer. I write for 10 minutes or more, and all I do is write. When time is up, I take a break from the computer. I get a snack, watch a video or walk around the house. Just taking a break from the writing helps me to stay more focused instead of just riding all the time.

By doing so, it breaks up my time. I can be more productive with my writing. If all you’re doing is writing, your mind will wander on things that aren’t relevant to the book. I also time my breaks with the same timer so when it goes off, I can get back to work. Does this work all the time? No, no it doesn’t. But it works a good portion of the time.

This is just an idea or thought that might help you with your writing. It may not work for everybody. It might just work a small percentage for you than it does for me. But maybe give it a try. You might find that you’re getting more writing done by taking breaks and having a bit of fun in between the sessions.

How developed are your characters?

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How much of your personality goes into your books? Do any of the characters share any of your qualities? Do you create a character of someone you know? Maybe you create a character with traits you wish you had. To date, I have not done that with any of my books that are fiction.

Developing characters is fun to do, yet it does require an author to step back and mull over how this “person” will appear to the readers.

Some characters your readers will fall in love with others they will hate that will propel the storyline. But having a lack lusting person won’t do you and your book any favors.

One should not rush into this. You create a physical description, but you also have to include mental and emotional aspects. You need a well-rounded person, one that the reader can invest in love or hate and imagine in their head.

I have had children ask me about Jasper and if he is in any way like he is in the book. It is an easy question with Jasper being a member of our family in real life. It is easy to put into the book his personalities and antics I have observed over the years.

I am striving for this with the books I write in other genres. I want my fans to see my characters in their minds. I want them to have a range of emotions concerning the characters as they turn the pages toward the end.

If I don’t spend the time beforehand and mull over how to develop my cast, they won’t go very far.

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