As an author have you received a bad review?


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Bad reviews comes from a few forms. One reason is it comes from a troll, two being someone who read it and just didn’t like it to three you read their book and you didn’t give them the review they wanted.

When my first book came out I did receive a bad review. Now I have read enough where it has been proven that having a bad review is a good thing. However this review came one day after the book was released and according to the site it had been a print book.

Last time I checked regular mail does not bring a book in one day. So I talked to Amazon and over the few following months they removed it, the person placed it again, Amazon removed it and so on. But finally it was taken care of.

But again having a bad review can be a good thing. How so? Well it is like a child being told they can’t do something and so they go about doing it around the parents back. When people seer a bad review or a low rating but yet all the other ratings are high it might make you take a chance on the book. I know that has worked for me anyway. Bottom line if nothing else it I a review which means it is getting noticed.

Look, I get it. A bad review is not fun to get but you know what every author deals with it even the authors who are well established. I have read a few books from best sellers to well know authors and they don’t always hit a home run.

And as a writer you must have a tough skin for not everyone is going to like what you write. It happens to the majority of writers if not all. The sooner you can accept it will happen the easier it will be. Spend your time and energy on your next novel.

Writers group: Is it okay to use them as your editor?




Last week I met three friends who are writers. We meet weekly, we keep the group at just us four and we have the best of times. One of them told me that a member of a larger group that we are both part of told her, “I don’t need an editor. You guys are my editors.” I don’t remember for sure but I think my mouth dropped. While a writer’s group is great for small edits, plots, pace and loop holes just to name a few, we are not a full proof editorial services company.

Sadly there are writers who do feel this way. A few things can go wrong in this setting. For this particular group and member she is at every meeting, makes sure she submits every single time and hates it when time gets away from the meeting. This is what happened for her to make that remark. You may submit a manuscript that will get tossed in file 13 for the errors found inside. Plus the dynamics of the group can change for her if this is her only place where she will get help for her work.

Editors are expensive. I mean EXPENSIVE. While my two publishers have editors on staff to go over my manuscript you have to submit a top-notch edited piece first to them not one riddled with mistakes. I’m blessed in the sense my editor is spot on amazing.

There are places one can find an editor if one can’t afford the prices. I have heard of writers asking professors from colleges or high school, editors just starting out on their own and even English majors who are about to or just graduated.

One spends so much time on writing their manuscript including editing and revising it. Your work deserves the best shot at making it, why sell itself short?

How do writers find titles for their books?


Finding the right title for one’s book is important. Readers will pick up a book for the cover or will be intrigued by a title of the book. I been fortunate that people have named my books for me. I know, not fair. Right? Maybe fortunate is not the right word. Perhaps blessed is the better term.

The reason I am thinking of this topic is the third book in my Jasper series is close to being done. Once that is done I will let my editor work her magic over it before sending it over to my publishers. Only I don’t have a title for it yet. I have not even given it a second thought let alone taking the time to sit back and mull this over. I am not one to have a working title when I start a new piece. Some authors are like that while others know soon what the moniker will be.

So the question I have is to those who have titled their books how do you go about doing this? Are there steps you go through for the process? Is it blind luck? Or do you get help like I do? One would think after all this time I would be able to do this without much headache but I suspect if I am left on my own devices it will be just that, a headache.