Do you still have joy when you write?

I sent the last edits to volume two of my Squirrel Mafia series to the publisher. It included dedication, acknowledgments, different pictures, a foreword, and more.

When I first wrote Squirrel Mafia, I could not foresee that there would be three volumes. Yup, the little darlings have already given me, at least for now, ten chapters to put into another book. It is such a treat to work on this series. I laugh and fuss as I write the words.

As you write your book and series, I hope you still have a love and joy in creating your characters, plots, and dialogue.

It can get tedious, and you might want to move on to something else. At the last author showcase at one of our local libraries, that is what people were saying to me. They wanted to know if there was another volume. And soon, there will be.

It all started when these little darlings climbed onto my window sill and bared their teeth at Jasper, thus scaring him. There were three or four all doing it. They repeatedly did it. It was from that incident this series came to pass. I am always looking in my yard to see what the little bastards are doing, as they rarely disappoint and continually surprise me with what antics they come up with at my expense.

But it has been enjoyable to embark on this journey with them. People have sent me, over the years, videos, pictures, stuffed animals, and newspaper clippings, to name a few.

I am now known as the woman who has a continual war with the squirrels in her backyard. Good? I am not sure, to be honest. LOL If nothing else, it gives me laughter as I write the stories for people to read.

I hope you still have joy inside of you as you work on your current WIP.

It is now onward to editing the fourth volume of my Jasper, Amazon parrot series.

Do you have an acknowledgement page in your book? : Wait, did you do it all on your own?

Who do you recognize in your dedication and or acknowledgments in your book? I include my editor, Nancy, who is worth her weight in gold many times over. I make sure to add my family and anyone else along the way. Sometimes it runs long to medium.

I have seen people include in their acknowledgments a variety of people and pets. I have done that with my parrot, Jasper. Without him, there is no series.

But I have noticed, in some books, the acknowledgments are scant to none.

Now, it is not required to include this in your books. But it makes me wonder. Are you not including it because it is not something high on your list? Do you feel you have done it all on your own?

Writing a book takes so much time, from beginning to end to publication. Along the way, many people have helped you. It could be from your editor, writing group, graphic designer, and many more.

Being a writer is a journey from the minute you write the first word of your first manuscript to social media and marketing. I have thanked people on social media who have helped me. One was well-established, and she noticed I had a question about query letters. She sent me a quick note. She wanted me to send her what I had written so far. She was essential in getting my letters presented before submitting editors. She was added to the list.

You are not doing it alone. If this is not high on your list, maybe it should be. And if you think you did it all on your own, think again.

Thanking the people who helped us along the way is a good reminder that we didn’t do it alone by a long shot.

Do you have a social platform?: You should

Do you have a social platform as an author? Do you think you need one?

When I submitted one of my books in a query letter, the publisher asked, “Where are you at?” He meant did I have a platform. Did I have one?

Fortunately, I pointed him to various places. I was happy I had taken the time to create one. My author website has a drop-down menu that shows you where I am. I copy the link when anyone asks. I have even given talks about creating and maintaining a social platform.

Yet, when I talk to other writers in my area, few have taken the baton to use an author’s platform for their works. It used to get to me, for it is a topic that I believe in so strongly. But now, at this point, I nod and listen. One is unable to lead a horse to water, right? Well, you can, but easier than having an author create a platform. LOL

The thing with creating a platform is not all of them will be a right fit for you. Concentrate on what does work. But even more so, the platform is constantly changing with new forms of promoting yourself. And what used to work may not work anymore.

It can be much, but the results are worth the effort and time.

So, if you are at a point where a publisher asks, hopefully, you can say happily, “Here I am.”

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