Are you a pantser or Plotter? : Be proud either or


“Are you a plotter or a pantser?”

To be honest I never knew what those terms meant until I attended a local conference a few years ago. I knew about a fourth of the people in the room.

The speaker of the class I was attending asked our group that question.

Those around me pointed to me. The speaker chuckled.

“Which one is she?”


I was at a lost. I’m a pantser? What the hell is a pantser?

That is when I was educated on the two terms. Plotters are those who make an outline and plot their entire novel. Pantsers are writers who write by the seat of their pants. Also know as we don’t plot.

Yep, that is me. I rarely plot out a book let alone write a full outline for it. I will have in my head the general format of characters, plot lines and sceneries I need to get into. Nothing in great details. Just thoughts. I will generally know the beginning, the middle and the end to some degree.

I just never knew there was a term for people like this. I like it. I like it very much.

I just want to write. I love the feeling of writing without restrictions and rules of engagement that can come with writing. The freedom to take a book in any direction or to let characters decide for you and not be restricted to some outline is freeing. My best books come when the characters take over.

To be perfectly honest I just don’t want to be bothered until I am done the first draft of any novel I am working on. There will be plenty of time for edits, revisions, synopsis, naming the book and the whole kit and caboodle that comes with creating a book.

The pure joy that fills me as I write does not want to be interrupted. It is hard enough to get a novel into shape that it needs to be in. That is not so much joy. Why ruin the moment for me? More importantly why ruin it for my characters?

I’m a pantser. I wave that flag proudly.

Charge what you are worth: Developmental editor


There are a variety of editors such as content and line editing, copy editors, beta reading and more.

I’m a developmental editor. That involves going over a book’s content and structure which can include loopholes, transitional issues, inconsistencies to name a few.

After I became published I started to offer services to fellow writers in my area for free. For four years I nagged the heck out of them. Not one bite. Finally I stopped asking. Offering what I was offering was not only free but a lot of time I would free up for them. I got tired of writers giving me the look. I decided to than charge. I mean after all, why not?

Of course after I assigned a price for my various services is when people remembered my offer and came a knocking. They were surprised that I charged now. But I didn’t back down. At that time I had two or three books under my belt and life was getting busy with my business.

Time was valuable for all of us.

My prices are bottom of the barrel and in some cases clearance sale prices. Still, the writers thought I was too much. I told them to check online to see if they could do better.

Plus, I showed them where the testimonies from previous clients were. How they were happy with how I helped them. People tried to haggle with me. I didn’t bite.

Being a developmental editor takes a lot of time, especially when a person’s novel is 200-300 pages if not more. I am going line by line of your novel

You don’t think that is time I should be compensated for? If you were me would you do this for free like I offered in the beginning?

Not sure what is worse. You have people wanting you to do this for free. Or writers who know what it takes to do what you are doing and still want that for free or as low as possible.

Charge what you are worth even when people in your own field don’t appreciate it.

Don’t back down. Your time is valuable. And if nothing else that is time taken away from your brand and your books. Is that worth it?

Guest Posting


There are many forms of marketing when it comes to your books and brand.

One avenue that I just recently been exploring is to guest post on other sites.

I have been gaining success in people agreeing to let me do a post for them. So far I have talked about how writing for children isn’t easy, a post on Jasper’s POV when it comes to him being part of a series to what has it been like to be a writer during this pandemic.

I have three on tap to work on at the moment.

This is a great opportunity for others to see what you are all about. Especially when that would be the only chance they would have heard of you.

It is challenging to come up with ideas for someone else and make sure it is as pristine as you can get it. But it helps one write down anything in a time of our country where writing might be the last thing on one’s mind.

Why I waited this long to tap into this is beyond me. But, I been having a wonderful time doing this form of, “Hey, look at me!”

If you have not tried it maybe consider it. You might just find that you like it.

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