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April 30th, 2019

As of today I am no longer accepting request for book reviews. My list of books to read and review is ridiculously long and getting through it will take some time. Also, my children’s series, under a new publisher, is being relaunched soon and I need to concentrate on that as well.

I have been reviewing for BookSneeze since 2010. Also I have been active with four local writer groups for a few years which has helped me to be a better author and reviewer.  My love for books started at the age of five and has never lessened.

I’m an author who has four books published, two short stories published and six short stories published in three other anthologies.

If you would like for me to review your books just contact me on my site for reviews:

In March and November there will be no reviews.

How I Review:

Genre: I will read anything. I truly believe even if a book is out of my genre one can still critique the pace and flow, the  development of characters, loop holes, small edit errors and the likes.

Word Count: I will give a review in the range of 200-350 in word count. Anything past that tends to get to bogged down and one might lose the readers. If a book is low on word count then the review will be in the range of 100-200. These normally include flash fiction, short stories, children’s short books and the likes.

Your Review: It will be unbiased. The rating given will be on pace/flow, character development, loose ends, show versus tell, plot and the general feel of the novel.  If the author would like to see the review prior to it being placed online that can be done. However I will not change my review to suit how you want it done.  Also I will not hold back a review once I have taken the time to read a book and write a piece on it.

The Reviews: I will place the reviews online such as Amazon, my own review site, Goodreads for starters.

I take reviewing each book seriously. Hence, I will read books in a queue of five books at the most at one time.  But I’m an author. I love helping other authors out. But there will be times my own writings will take precedent over reviews.

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