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In August of 2014, I started taking clients in, showing young and new authors how to proceed once their book has been written. The process consists of how to get it edited, critiqued, and processed before submitting it to an agent or publisher.

I help authors and writers in general to get started with networking online. I show them how to muddle through the many social media outlets available so that they can use them in branding oneself. I am also a developmental editor who will help with plot lines, flow and pace, loopholes and general overview of your manuscript to get it in shape.

The company is also available for freelance writing and photography.

For general inquiries and price quotes, please email me to the following contact address:

All invoices for accepted payments are sent via Paypal.


General Author/Business Services

Interviews: $20.00 (one-time fee)

Interview with Photo Included: $25.00 (one-time fee)

(Interview and/or photo are to be placed on my two blogs and social media outlets–Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google +, and Pinterest (if photo with interview option is selected) as well as my other areas of my platform.

Interviews placed on all social media outlets for an additional 3 days: $10.00 (one-time additional fee)


Author prices

Showing authors how to maneuver the various social media: $15.00 an hour

Helping new writers maneuver what to do while the manuscript is being written and after it is done: $20.00 an hour

Various aspects of helping an author with their manuscript  can vary in price. It all depends on what specific need is required. This can be access at the initial meeting.

Freelance Writing: $35.00 per article no longer than four pages. (If the article written is longer than four pages, please contact for proper price quote.)

Photography: (Please contact for price quotes.)

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