This is Sharon

Sharon is a native of New England, raised in Northern Maine. She lives in North Carolina with her husband and son. She is owned by a flock of birds. She has a B.S. Degree in Chemistry and a minor in Math and Biology.

Growing up Sharon never thought of becoming a writer. To her it was for people who had the skills to transfer amazing ideas onto paper. However her husband had mentioned to one of their friends that he felt Sharon wrote really well. Soon afterwards she started thinking of a story in her head and it just would not go away. Later that same year of 2009 she had two surgeries within 3 months of each other. With time to recover, she started placing her thoughts on paper and it just went from there. Since then a multitude of short stories, a novelette, children’s series, a true story on he war with squirrels and an anthology of short stories and poetry has been written. It always amazes her still how writing will take over a person’s life.

She tends to lose all track of time when she writes. The world could be coming to an end and Sharon would be oblivious to it.  When this author is writing, she envision the scenes in her head. She tries imaging the reality of what is written down on paper.  The different options, scenes and problems will be listed down on the side in case she can use them later.  Sharon tend to write by long hand- the flow works better for her.

The authors you would see in her bookshelves would be Stephen King, Agatha Christie, Bentley Little and James Patterson.

The best advice she has ever received about writing was write about what you know. When she first heard this the first thought was “ Yeah, right.” But it really is that easy. A writer just needs to know a little tidbit and turn it into a short story and soon enough a book.

On the side she love to read,walk, exercise, go to the movies and listen to music. Sharon is a budding bird watcher on the side. She is a huge sports fan which includes baseball,basketball hockey and football. She is also a shutterbug and is always looking for the next big shot.



7 thoughts on “This is Sharon”

  1. Sharon,

    I too like Agatha Christie! Her books are a fun, genuine escape. Her autobiography was totally interesting. Stephen King’s book on writing is all I’ve read of his — it was very good. I listened to it as an audio book read by himself.

    Wishing you well as you write!


    1. As a person from Maine, I am totally bias toward King. I do love reading both of those authors, they like you mentioned gives us great escapes which is needed from time to time. Wishing you well also on your writings. 🙂

  2. Thanks for checking out my blog. Yours is wonderful and I wish you much success with all of your writing projects. Am now following you on Twitter and have liked your facebook page too. Sending you Author Karma for success!

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