Driving: A dangerous sport

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When my son first started to drive I would tell him, “Be careful.” He would get mad until I told him that what I meant was a/ be careful for yourself and b/ be careful of all the other drivers around you. Drivers are crazy these days and it seems to get worse on a daily basis. I am at my happiest when there is no one around me. Let me explain why, but perhaps I don’t need to?

I been in two car accidents. The first one I was in the back of a carpool car, my son next to me my husband in front and the driver . We were on the way to NC to go to work, it was snowing and we were going below the speed limit. The company truck behind us was going faster than the speed limit, drunk and thought it be okay to bump us into the Dismal Swamp. He crushed the trunk so bad it came to t he seat I was sitting. Thankfully my son was okay.

My second car accident I again was behind the passenger side and we were stopped to turn left, we waited since there was a car in front of us. Again a company vehicle going to fast hit us and total the car that hit him since he had stopped.

We have people putting on no blinkers for miles and then suddenly turn leaving the people behind to jam on their rakes and hope no one hits them. Yo have people who put on their blinkers for miles and miles making them go slow in case they do the former. You have people rolling through a stop sign not stopping fulling , you have people going through yield signs like it means go faster. When a stoplight turns green you best count to five for some fool will be bound to go through a red light or a stop sign.

You see people texting as they drive, eat, seen a man shave, put on makeup and a bunch of other things that has no place in a vehicle. You see people riding so close behind you, you can see the color of their eyes in the mirror.

There are so many other examples of erratic driving. Cars are dangerous machines and if not used properly can harm and in some cases kill people. I have not even brought up road rage. It is dangerous out there.

So as I tell my son I tell you all please be careful for yourself and others. Again I am at my happiest when I am driving alone on the road. It really is a wonderful thing.

Writing a death scene



With the genres I write in there is never a place to write a really good death scene. The closest I came to writing one was for my WIP that involved a man trying to kill his wife but failed and she landed in a coma in the hospital. I know, not very close. I really need to get back to that manuscript I was having fun with it.

But over the last month or so I been working on one death scene for my YA trilogy. First I had to build it up and transitioned it from the previous scene. What I learned early on was how much fun this was to do. I actually giggled. So not good, right? What started as just a transitional piece became at the moment over 15k words on the ending for this book. Word count at the moment is just a shade under 70k overall and I am not close to being done my first draft. I need to fill in the pieces throughout.

I even wrote on Facebook a while back stating how it was going and all, The support from the writing community was awesome and downright funny. Who knew? I definitely didn’t. And I certainly didn’t know where this would have taken me in this manuscript. I am not done yet with this death but the sky is the limit

What started out as only one person kicking the bucket, well I am now at nine. Who knows how many will be goners by the time I finish. But excited how this will all play out.