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Invest in the characters of your book

Learning how to make our characters strong, believable, lovable, loathed, and focused is something we all should strive for as writers. I want to fall in love with my character or hate them so badly I want to see how the book ends. I follow through with the liking of a character. There are some books, but by the time it ends, I wish the one I fell for would go away, as my alliance has shifted to the villain who is suddenly incredible.

If we stick to the physical aspect of what our characters look like, while we may describe the description, one can only go so far with looks. So invest in your characters, go to the root of what makes them who they are, what they are, and why I should, as a reader, get so invested in this one person. Chances are the book will not be read to the end if you don’t.

How strong are the characters in our book? Do they make the reader invested in them relatively soon, or does it drag on? The format is simple: Who? Where? What? How? When? Why?

Simple enough, but then break it down even further. Who did what and where, and how was it done and why? Or you can say how it happens to this other character in the book. The possibilities are endless, depending on how big your cast is in the book.

Also, talk about your character’s weaknesses. For example shows us what they like, fears, hopes, goals, strengths, and more. By doing that, you give your person the best chance of working, whether to be loved or hated. As a reader, the book, no matter how well written, will be either read and honestly reviewed or not read at all.

Invest in your characters, and they will do wonders for your book.

Welcome Jasper to Facebook and Twitter: His point of view


Well, Jasper now has a voice. No, wait. He has always had a voice in this house. For an animal that can learn words and learn to string words together to form a sentence(he does this on his own which shows the intelligence of this animal) he is able to show us about 75% of the time what he is thinking or feeling. I think those are pretty good odds.

But now he has a voice online. Why? Well last week Jasper was interviewed. No, not me being interviewed. Nope, the books were not discussed. Jasper himself was interviewed. I will get into that next week.

So now he has a Twitter and Facebook page account plus a few other sites and he is having a blast. But Twitter and Facebook it will be from his point of view strictly.

His Twitter account is @JasperTWilliam1

For some reason Twitter removed the s. There isn’t a @JasperTWilliams on Twitter. I checked.

On Facebook he is at :

The title of his page is: Jasper,Amazon Parrot: What the fluff is all about

That is an appropriate title for this animal.

He is having fun though and if you are interested, and let’s be honest help a rescued bird out, check out the sites and follow him. I will let him know to check both accounts and to follow back.

Author’s showcase: Peddling one’s wares



This past weekend was our yearly author’s showcase at our main library. I have been to everyone of them minus one.

The expectations of other authors there can either be realistic, some what optimism or beyond reality. I am at realistic and that happened after the first year. LOL

I did sell books. That is one plus. I was able to hang out with writers I knew, writers I did not know and reconnect to writers I had not seen in a while. It was fantastic.

Being realistic in my expectations has helped me enjoy the moment with like minded people. Once I reached that stage I am able to enjoy this event a whole lot better.

But a few more pluses happened. A teacher from a private school was looking at my books. She asked if I be interested in coming to her school to talk to the students. It was hard for me to let her finish so I could tell her yes. A chance to talk about the books, writing and myself is a wonderful opportunity.

Another plus was the writer who was sitting at the table next to me who is a children’s author. She and I struck up a conversation along with the woman next to her on the other side. We decided we should hang out. For the area we live in and the size it is you’d think there be more groups for writers but you have to really dig to find them.

So. yes new friends, new opportunities and a really nice Saturday afternoon.