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Author’s showcase: Peddling one’s wares



This past weekend was our yearly author’s showcase at our main library. I have been to everyone of them minus one.

The expectations of other authors there can either be realistic, some what optimism or beyond reality. I am at realistic and that happened after the first year. LOL

I did sell books. That is one plus. I was able to hang out with writers I knew, writers I did not know and reconnect to writers I had not seen in a while. It was fantastic.

Being realistic in my expectations has helped me enjoy the moment with like minded people. Once I reached that stage I am able to enjoy this event a whole lot better.

But a few more pluses happened. A teacher from a private school was looking at my books. She asked if I be interested in coming to her school to talk to the students. It was hard for me to let her finish so I could tell her yes. A chance to talk about the books, writing and myself is a wonderful opportunity.

Another plus was the writer who was sitting at the table next to me who is a children’s author. She and I struck up a conversation along with the woman next to her on the other side. We decided we should hang out. For the area we live in and the size it is you’d think there be more groups for writers but you have to really dig to find them.

So. yes new friends, new opportunities and a really nice Saturday afternoon.

Residential Writing



Here in this state they have two residences where writers can gather with other writers and work on their projects. One such program there is a fee the other there is not. The one that has no fee you do have to bring everything with you. This could go from bedding, food, towels and everything you would need if you were home. But again it is free. There is no internet in the house but in one room which is the library which can hopefully help you to work on your writing without that distraction.

Well known authors of this state has gone through this place and have made repeated stops. The quietness, the away from social media and finally taking time to just concentrate on your work can be so instrumental to you as an author. Plus you can help others as they help you on your work. Another plus is forging friendships with new people in your field that can last a lifetime which is priceless.

Yes, I will be trying to get into the free one. I know the waiting list is probably long but the good part is the stay is just two weeks per year. You an break that up into two one weeks or all at one time so the turnover is pretty good. With life being hectic time away to work on one’s project could be a vacation of sorts.

Do you read your manuscript backwards?


As your grow in your writing you learn tricks of the trade. These are invaluable for they help save you time and also improve your manuscript. Than there are the tips you might hear about from other writers when they share what they have heard used.

When someone said that they read their works backup my head immediately looked up to turn to look at her. This was at my critique group. I was surprised. I was even more surprised when I saw some of the other members nod their head.

What the heck? Read your manuscript backwards? According to them when you read your manuscript forwards your mind tricks you into believing you have read every word but what happens is your mind skims over words especially if you have read your WIP to heck and back. When you read backwards your mind is not able to do this as readily because after all who reads a book backwards. By doing so you catch errors that might have been missed and errors that were big that could have made your manuscript tank.

Reading online about this shortly after the meeting I found out this was an actual thing. It is not something I had done at this point. Yes I have read a page or two but nothing significant. I keep telling myself I will do it. If it is another tool to make your work pop I need to make an honest effort to try it for myself. Thank goodness my children series are not so long. But oh man when and if I do the novels that are in the 50k. It will take me convincing myself a lot to give this a go.