Welcome Jasper to Facebook and Twitter: His point of view


Well, Jasper now has a voice. No, wait. He has always had a voice in this house. For an animal that can learn words and learn to string words together to form a sentence(he does this on his own which shows the intelligence of this animal) he is able to show us about 75% of the time what he is thinking or feeling. I think those are pretty good odds.

But now he has a voice online. Why? Well last week Jasper was interviewed. No, not me being interviewed. Nope, the books were not discussed. Jasper himself was interviewed. I will get into that next week.

So now he has a Twitter and Facebook page account plus a few other sites and he is having a blast. But Twitter and Facebook it will be from his point of view strictly.

His Twitter account is @JasperTWilliam1

For some reason Twitter removed the s. There isn’t a @JasperTWilliams on Twitter. I checked.

On Facebook he is at : https://www.facebook.com/JasperAmazonParrot/

The title of his page is: Jasper,Amazon Parrot: What the fluff is all about

That is an appropriate title for this animal.

He is having fun though and if you are interested, and let’s be honest help a rescued bird out, check out the sites and follow him. I will let him know to check both accounts and to follow back.

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