Penpals: What a great experience

When I was in fifth grade, a school from Kansas sent a letter asking for someone to be penpals with a little girl named Melinda. They were sending letters all over for the class. Luckily I was chosen.

What embarked was a great time in my young life as I learned about Mindy and her family, and she learned about mine. Sadly, we lost touch. It is something I have thought about over the years.

A few months, ago I became penpals with a six-year-old little girl.

Her grandmother, one of my besties, asked if I would be open to that. I readily said yes. Grabbing some note cards from the Dollar Store, I started my journey with this young person.

She is just learning to read and write, so I will get short sentences and sometimes just words. But that is okay. What is developing between us is a love to write, the companionship of sorts, and joy.

Her grandmother says she gets so excited when she gets letters in the mail from me, and to be honest, I do as well. She was having so much fun now her older brother wanted to be part of it, so now I have two pen-pals.

It keeps me writing, even if it is not toward any of my works. It helps me write at that age level which is good since one of my series is this age level.

Both the mother and grandmother have expressed how happy they are that this is happening. They are both appreciative.

But to be honest, I am not sure who is having more fun, the kids or me. May this journey continue between us.

Are you making new writing goals for 2022?

With 2022 arriving soon, have you made plans for your writing? For example, have you made goals on what you would like to accomplish?

Such goals can include:

– writing daily

-try to do more marketing

-revising or editing a current WIP

-submitting to contests

-submitting to publishers of any size

I have not sat down to list my goals. I know two of my manuscripts need to be edited for two of my publishers. I have been slow in doing that the last few months.

Also, I have thought of being more active on my social platforms.

I am not trying to make too big of a goal that will end up floundering and to where I digress instead of progressing.

There are so many aspects when it comes to writing. It involves more than sitting down and writing. A naive thought I had many years ago.

But goals I set, in the beginning, helped me get to where my platform is now. And since I want to continue to grow, setting goals is a place to start.

I need to spare a few minutes and work out what I would like to accomplish short and long term for the upcoming year.

Good luck to all.

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