What is one thing you hate when it comes to writing?


What part of writing do you absolutely hate? Are we talking editing? Researching? Revisions? Or is it something else?

I use to not be a fan of research but now I absolutely love it. I use to not be a fan of revising. But now I do enjoy that as well.

The thing I hate the most is editing. When it comes to commas, past tense, effect vs affect, which is something I can’t seem to remember, dangling participles and gosh so much more. I have on many occasion dub myself the Queen of commas and past tense in the sense I am so bad at them I rule.

I know or rather I feel I can’t possible be alone. Yes, there are those who love to edit and do line by line editing. I do tend to give them a, “What the heck is wrong with you?, look. How can any possible enjoy doing that? But there are. Thankfully there are.

I have editors for a reason. They can do the stuff like this that I can’t be bother with or don’t want to be bother with.

I give all the props to editors. It is not easy and very time consuming. And as Mark Twain put it, Find a job you enjoy doing, and you will never have to work a day in your life.”

So, I will leave it to them. I will go back to the job I love doing which is writing.

Every genre deserves the same love: Even if it is one you don’t write in

How difficult is it to write for the different genres of writing? Is nonfiction more difficult than fiction? Are children the easiest to write for? Does one genre have more research while others have little?

Writing is a time consuming project to embark on. All require that you think out how you going to start, fill in the middle and end. All require research to some degree. You need plots, character development, dialogue and so much more. Each genre deserves the best we can give to it.

Just because it is a children’s book is well a children book doesn’t mean you won’t do research. It doesn’t mean it shouldn’t have a hook, plot line, great dialogue and an awesome ending. Just because a book is a non fiction doesn’t mean you need to give it less love than a fiction. Just because you write historical fiction and will need to do a hell of a lot of research does not mean your character development of your characters should take a hit.

Every genre needs to have something that you want for your readers. You want to write a book that someone will pick up, read through and enjoy.

Cutting corners just due to the genre is an insult to the book. Not to mention thinking less of a genre just because you don’t write in it is also an insult.

While children’s, nonfiction, erotica and a host of other genres are not in your wheel house that doesn’t mean they should ever be considered less in one’s eye. They have a fan base regardless if you don’t write in it. And those people deserve the best book possible from the authors who write them.

Podcasting: Another way to brand yourself as an author


I will be doing my first podcast soon. Well, I will be on a podcast to be more exact. It is from a chat radio out of England.

It’s a different avenue for Jasper and me. But something that has been around for a while now, podcasting. I been interested in this in being a guest and in doing it myself.

It won’t be very long but it is a way to shout out my books and myself to a whole new audience and a large one at that.

I learned about it from another author. Just another reason to help each other out. Good things come from it.

I am not sure on the mechanics of how it will work but am excited to do it.

One must come out of one’s comfort zone in anything if you want to advance, succeed or just well live. There are so many avenues for authors now more than ever before.

You can sit on the sideline with your book . Or you can shout it from sea to shining sea in ways you never could have imagined.

Which way will you go?

The Musings of A New Englander