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Blogging and the questions that go with it

How often should a blogger post? Does it depend on demand or personal choice? Could it be random? Do you add pictures or videos? Why are you starting a blog and what’s the point of it all?

These are some of the questions I am asked with new writers when they start working on their brand. I usually say what works for you works for you. I like to be consistent with my writings while others write when they feel the need or the urge hits them. Even writing randomly can be a pattern that your subscribers can get use to. It’s your blog however if you have a nice following in a little way it is their blog as well since they are taking the time to read it.

And once you have this all figured out what do you write about? Do you make it strictly business or do you add a few personal bits inside of it? What do you want your subscribers to know or learn from?

There as you can see a few things to consider when you start writing on a site. Taking some time to figure it out in the beginning can save you frustration in the long wrong. Blogging is a fun thing to do with sharing your opinions, passing along information and learning from others if you cross-post. However you want it to be it is a nice outlet regardless if you have a small or a large following.

Writers: Is it okay to repost your own stuff?



I did a blog post on how or where do we come up with blog content. There are some weeks the idea comes to me other times I have to sit down and really think on it. But what came to my mind a day or two ago was is it okay to reuse a post I have written in the past? After all with new subscribes to my website not everyone will have seen all the post. Not everyone, including me, will go back and see what a particular person has written since their website was created.

But is it cheating or being smart to reuse something already posted or just being resourceful? Some posts in the pasts were received really well and were pertinent to the craft of writing. Some information never gets old and are as useful now as it was when first posted.

Like with most anything, the craft of writing includes always learning to improve yourself. So reposting something could be beneficial. But could this be another way for me to be lazy and justify using old post? I can see how that could be as well. Fresh content does help one’s creative juice flowing with coming up with something new which is awesome.

Still pondering this out.