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Do you have an acknowledgement page in your book? : Wait, did you do it all on your own?

Who do you recognize in your dedication and or acknowledgments in your book? I include my editor, Nancy, who is worth her weight in gold many times over. I make sure to add my family and anyone else along the way. Sometimes it runs long to medium.

I have seen people include in their acknowledgments a variety of people and pets. I have done that with my parrot, Jasper. Without him, there is no series.

But I have noticed, in some books, the acknowledgments are scant to none.

Now, it is not required to include this in your books. But it makes me wonder. Are you not including it because it is not something high on your list? Do you feel you have done it all on your own?

Writing a book takes so much time, from beginning to end to publication. Along the way, many people have helped you. It could be from your editor, writing group, graphic designer, and many more.

Being a writer is a journey from the minute you write the first word of your first manuscript to social media and marketing. I have thanked people on social media who have helped me. One was well-established, and she noticed I had a question about query letters. She sent me a quick note. She wanted me to send her what I had written so far. She was essential in getting my letters presented before submitting editors. She was added to the list.

You are not doing it alone. If this is not high on your list, maybe it should be. And if you think you did it all on your own, think again.

Thanking the people who helped us along the way is a good reminder that we didn’t do it alone by a long shot.

Do You have a writing routine?

Do you stick to a routine in your writing? Do you write every day? Do you have in your mind how much you want to write each time?

I use to have a routine where I wrote daily. Regardless of what was going on in my life, I stuck to it. That mentality worked for me for quite a while. It worked for such a long time.

Then life did what it always does. It got crazy to where I either had to get up early or stay up late to stick to my routine. Plus, what I wrote during this time frame was not always gold. Heck, it was not even silver.

I had to reevaluate what use to work for me to if it was feasible to still work for me. I had to wind my mind around a different path or else drive myself already batty.

While it took a few years, I have calmed down and celebrate the aspects of writing. If I do any writing, I will now include that for the win. It can include revising, editing, marketing, and more.

Floating in my writings group was a constant buzz. So long as you write, regardless of how much, consider it a win.

Now, I do. I have drunk the cool-aid. It does not matter if it is a paragraph. I no longer say, ” I wrote just a paragraph.” I now say, “Wow, I wrote a paragraph.”

If it brings you one step closer to completion, that’s what matters? To me, now it does.

The joy of Revising One’s Manuscript:Yes, I’m joking

I always figured the hard part of being one was writing the book. I soon found out writing the book was one of the easiest parts of the journey.

Revising is a big part of getting one’s book in the best shape possible. If you don’t have all the ducks in a row, the novel may not go very far.

But how many revisions and editing is too much? Can you go overboard and make it worse?

I get the fact that we want it as perfect as we can make it. But revision can take up a lot of one’s time. If you are fortunate to be part of a critique group or beta group, that can help you shave off some of that precious time.

But there comes a point when you have to say enough is enough. I’ve done all I can do and move that manuscript forever. That is not easy to do. We want it to fly as well as possible. It may even come to a point where we become obsessive in our revisions and editing. I have been there a few times. It is not fun. LOL

But at the end of the day, we need to step back and evaluate how close we to being done, are we just tired of it all and let move on or realize that you have done all one can without ruining your story. Only you can decide when you are ready. Let’s hope you don’t keep your fans waiting so long they move on.