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Do you have an acknowledgement page in your book? : Wait, did you do it all on your own?

Who do you recognize in your dedication and or acknowledgments in your book? I include my editor, Nancy, who is worth her weight in gold many times over. I make sure to add my family and anyone else along the way. Sometimes it runs long to medium.

I have seen people include in their acknowledgments a variety of people and pets. I have done that with my parrot, Jasper. Without him, there is no series.

But I have noticed, in some books, the acknowledgments are scant to none.

Now, it is not required to include this in your books. But it makes me wonder. Are you not including it because it is not something high on your list? Do you feel you have done it all on your own?

Writing a book takes so much time, from beginning to end to publication. Along the way, many people have helped you. It could be from your editor, writing group, graphic designer, and many more.

Being a writer is a journey from the minute you write the first word of your first manuscript to social media and marketing. I have thanked people on social media who have helped me. One was well-established, and she noticed I had a question about query letters. She sent me a quick note. She wanted me to send her what I had written so far. She was essential in getting my letters presented before submitting editors. She was added to the list.

You are not doing it alone. If this is not high on your list, maybe it should be. And if you think you did it all on your own, think again.

Thanking the people who helped us along the way is a good reminder that we didn’t do it alone by a long shot.