When you are not writing are you doing activities that pertain to your craft?

When you are not actually writing are you doing things that pertain to it or your work?

I am an avid reader and have been for as long as I can remember. Reading is a good way to help us with our writing. We can read the books in our genre and learn how others do it. We can read genres that we are interested in and learn from that. One can look at plotting, scenes and character development just to name a few.

In other cases you can do writing prompts. And you don’t have to go out and buy books on this. You just do a Google search. Prompts helps with your creative juices, can be really fun and who knows it may turn into a longer piece of work and into a book.

Webinars, and I do the free ones there are enough out there, can show you how to work on your brand, your business as an author and different topics of writing.

Writing contest, and there are a lot of them, can work like a writing prompt but in this case there is a prize at the end. It gets you to writing outside of your WIP and who knows it could turn into something down the road.

As a photographer I am always looking for “the” picture. From these I have found ideas have formed by just looking at the subject matter.

So if for whatever reason you are not up to writing on your current WIP there are other outlets that can keep you motivated until you can get back to it.

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