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Guest Posting


There are many forms of marketing when it comes to your books and brand.

One avenue that I just recently been exploring is to guest post on other sites.

I have been gaining success in people agreeing to let me do a post for them. So far I have talked about how writing for children isn’t easy, a post on Jasper’s POV when it comes to him being part of a series to what has it been like to be a writer during this pandemic.

I have three on tap to work on at the moment.

This is a great opportunity for others to see what you are all about. Especially when that would be the only chance they would have heard of you.

It is challenging to come up with ideas for someone else and make sure it is as pristine as you can get it. But it helps one write down anything in a time of our country where writing might be the last thing on one’s mind.

Why I waited this long to tap into this is beyond me. But, I been having a wonderful time doing this form of, “Hey, look at me!”

If you have not tried it maybe consider it. You might just find that you like it.

Mentoring other authors



Over the last few months I have been asked by three authors if I would mentor them. I was flattered even though I had to say no.

I use to mentor authors for free or rather I offered and offered. I wanted to help those get to where I was at the time. Not a single person took me up on it. Even if it meant me taking the time out of my busy schedule, putting in extra work and coordinating times and places not a single person raised their hands to take me up on it. Not one.

If any author who was higher up than me had reached out I would be on their front porch before their sentence was done.

I didn’t know what to make from this. So, I stopped offering. Taking a class about learning our worth I decided to start charging for my services. The minute I did that people reached out to me. Sadly the ones who I repeatedly asked over the years finally reached out not knowing I now charge. They were not happy. But I didn’t budge. After four years of trying to help for free that ride was over.

It takes a lot of time for me to mentor an author from start to end especially one who is not published yet. And more especially one who has not been published and their book is unedited. To do that means to walk away for a bit from my family and my business. That seminar taught me to hold firm and to value what I know.

It doesn’t help that some people want the magic bullet. This means they not putting in the work that one needs to do to get to the results they want. If I am going to give you that much time I do expect it back.

So, when three people asked me to mentor them I expressed it simply. I mentioned that it involved a lot of time and effort from me and a true commitment from the author. Plus that I now charge. But I did leave them with three nuggets of information that I feel is imperative to getting your book out there and making the progress I have made.

Some will appreciate it while others won’t. That’s okay. Maybe in the future those who don’t will realize what all is involved and why I had to say no. Plus, why I now charge.

An awesome book versus a crappy book: Can you tell the difference or do you care?

Can you tell the difference between a great book versus a crappy book? Most people, if not all, would say yes. And yes it should be yes. I am not talking from a writer’s perspective. We all know what we like when it comes to art, music, books and movies.

But what if someone told you that this is what you should like in these forms of art? If I told you that the book you read had a poor plot line, poor character development, head hopping from character to character, poorly researched and rushed at the end would you not like the book anymore?

If I told you it should have gone through a beta group, a critique group and if nothing else to an editor one more time would you not like the book anymore? If I told you it had many loop holes, your protagonist wasn’t believable, how the transition between the beginning to the twist was flawed would you not like the book anymore?

I bring this up for one main reason. I was on Amazon leaving a review for two books. I tend to read the reviews that are placed there for the same book. When I see many positive reviews it causes me to wonder. Didn’t they see the error filled chapters? Didn’t they see that in one chapter it was her boyfriend and the next chapter it was her husband and the next her boyfriend again? Did they not see how the ending was just tidied up with little rhyme or reason? Either you are a friend of this author or you like what you like and nothing above matters to you.

We like what we like for reasons that works for us. I read a book hat had an amazing plot, twist and well-developed characters. The grammar and edits were atrocious. If I can let go the writer in me it would work. Other times I just want to pull my hair out.

But a the end of the day what works for you is what matters.