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Revising: When does it ever end for your manuscript?

I always figured the hard part of being one was writing the book. I soon found out writing the book was one of the easiest parts of the journey.

Revising is a big part of getting one’s book in the best shape possible. If you don’t have all the ducks in a row the novel may not go very far.

But how many revisions and editing is too much? Can you go overboard and make it worse?

I get the fact that we want it as perfect as we can make it. But revision can take up a lot of one’s time. If you are fortunate to be part of a critique group or beta group, that can help you shave off some of that precious time.

But there comes a point where you have to say enough is enough. I’ve done all I can do and move that manuscript forever. That is not easy to do. We want it to fly as well as possible. It may even come to a point where we become obsessive in our revisions and editing. I have been there a few times. It is not fun. LOL

But at the end of the day, we need to step back and evaluate how close we are to being done, are we just tired of it all and let move on or realize that you have done all we can without ruining your story. Only you can decide when you are ready. Let’s hope you don’t keep your fans waiting so long they move on.

A Writer’s Life: Carpal Tunnel


Since the beginning of January I been busy writing, editing, revising and writing again. It has been crazy. This is great as the creativity has been flowing and work has been done. But with all of that a shoe is bound to drop.

I have had surgery on my left arm a number of years ago, and it helped for a year maybe two. It was for my carpal tunnel syndrome. I been able to combat it from coming back full steam by being careful and applying ointments and heat when needed.

However NaNoWriMo always kills it, always. And now this month has reared its ugly head. My left arm has been hurting all month-long. I have taken a day or two in a row off from actively being online and writing. The minute it slightly feels better I am off and running.

This past week I took three days off and it helped a lot but it did not heal. I dread going to the doctor for this but may not have choice.

Many people have said try the Dragon for PC program. One where you speak into a microphone and it transcribes why you say into words. I have this program and have tried to train it so many times. It will write a few words and then pause. My husband and son tried it once they saw my frustration. They had no problem training it. I tried again to no avail. My husband thinks it is due to my accent and my ability to speak at the speed of light. The machine will pause as if it is saying, What the … is she saying?”

I will give it another shot, perhaps if I slow down a bit it will work for me. It sure beats having another surgery.