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Waiting for edits: Not always easy

Waiting can be so incredibly hard.

I am waiting for my editor to work on two of my manuscripts. One is in its last edit off to the publishers. The other one is just in the first round of edits, so I have some time to get that one into shape.

So, while I wait, what to do?

I could start another project, work on my social platform, or any other avenue. Or, I can waste time and not do any of that, which is what I have been doing. Life always gives us things to do.

I have been working at the house by cleaning, cooking, and taking care of errands.

But now it’s time to sit down and decide if I work on volume five of my children’s series, volume two of my humor series, or finally get to work on a project I just have not given enough time. I don’t know to be honest.

As authors, we tend to have more than one project. I have more than I will be able to complete and get published. The ideas just run rampant in this noggin of mine. That can be good and not so good.

I need to reorganize my office of WIPs I have, supplies, research, and maybe something will inspire me to work on while I wait.

And because life has a sense of humor, I will probably hear from my editor, and that is where my direction will head before I make any headway.