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Do you get distracted when you write?

Do you get distracted when you write? Are you near your TV, fridge, music, and things to keep you from writing your next great novel?

Focusing your mind on your story or your book is hard enough, but we have things that keep your mind off it makes it even harder. Help you if you go online to social platforms, Youtube, the weather, news, and anything else that can keep you distracted.

If so, how do you get yourself back to writing? One thing that I do is start a timer. I write for 10 minutes or more, and all I do is write. When time is up, I take a break from the computer. I get a snack, watch a video or walk around the house. Just taking a break from the writing helps me to stay more focused instead of just riding all the time.

By doing so, it breaks up my time. I can be more productive with my writing. If all you’re doing is writing, your mind will wander on things that aren’t relevant to the book. I also time my breaks with the same timer so when it goes off, I can get back to work. Does this work all the time? No, no it doesn’t. But it works a good portion of the time.

This is just an idea or thought that might help you with your writing. It may not work for everybody. It might just work a small percentage for you than it does for me. But maybe give it a try. You might find that you’re getting more writing done by taking breaks and having a bit of fun in between the sessions.

Is your website easy to maneuver?


Is your website too hard to figure out? Are viewers able to find what they need readily and easily?

I try to make my site user-friendly by repeatedly trying to improve it. I look for issues that need to be corrected.

It is frustrating to go to a site and spend more time than necessary to find what you are looking for on that page. For the most part, I will move on. The odds of me returning to that site are slim to none.

One needs to make a site welcoming and easy to navigate. It must not be cluttered. Links have to work. What you are trying to promote to show needs to be upfront and prominent.

As someone who makes her site the hub of all she does as an author, I need it to be easy to maneuver. Everything has to be clear when it comes to what I am trying to get across to others.

It is not easy getting people to subscribe to your site. If one does not make their site inviting, not only will new people move on, you might lose those who are already followers.

Have you encountered a book where the print was small?

Have you ever read a book where the print was small?

For Christmas, I received a book from one of my favorite authors, Bentley Little. I was so excited. Then I opened the book and was shocked. Usually, the font and size of the words are 12. This book was at 10.

I purchased a magnifier just to read the book. I didn’t get far.

When one creates a book, everything needs to be taken into consideration. Everything. One has to consider the book cover, editing, revising, and repeat.

But it never occurred to me about the size of the words. I never had to. I have publishers who are good at what they do. It was not until I opened this particular book did this came to mind.

Even on a good day, when I was younger, would I be able to read this without getting a headache.

I still have not finished it. I have completed two books since opening the cover of this particular novel. Considering how long I have waited for a new book by Little, this is frustrating. Maybe I will buy it in large print. Who knows, that might be what is a regular for the rest of us.

Sorry, Bentley, I adore you, but this book will be where it is at gathering dust for now. But it is now something I will keep in mind for future books that I write or buy.