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FInding a title for your book: Easy or hard?

I am close to being done with the final edits for Jasper 4. The manuscript has been done for a while now but the editing process has taken longer than I wanted.

At the moment I do not have a working title. That reminded me of my past titles for my five books that are out. Of the five four were named by someone else. I know how that sounds.

So, I am thinking of ways to title this manuscript. Perhaps a contest, a giveaway or just suck it up and sit down and come up with a title.

It makes me wonder how people come up with titles for their works. If they get help from others or if they are good at figuring it out for themselves.

Some authors will use the main character as a title. Others will use the location of the book. From my titles alone it shows a tease of what is to be found inside between the covers.

One has to make sure that the title is relevant to what a reader will find. If there is a point to your book one can use that.

For example, in Jasper 3 the animals were in peril so I included that in the title. I did get cocky when I finally pulled out a book title on my own. So cocky.

One can’t just slap a title, any title, on your cover. It represents your work and it needs to correlate to the material

So I am back at square one in figuring out a title for this book. Hopefully, something will come to mind soon.

Dream big when it comes to your writing


Amazon has gotten so big, especially with books, one can feel and get lost in the shuffle.

With all the famous authors out there who are making their publisher, themselves, and Amazon rich, it is easy to feel like you are falling through the crack as an author who is not on that tier level.

But still, we try like little fish trying to get into a bigger pond. It comes down to what is your personal goal for yourself as an author.

If you don’t have any, get some. Now.

I know an author who writes for her pleasure. That is fine. It is if that is your goal. If not, then write up where you want to be, where you want your book to be in whatever time frame you want.

We will have different goals. I have accomplished all except for two. But the two are pipe dreams. One should have pipe dreams, in whatever your passion, job, or life contains.

I like to make it into a higher tier of authors and to have my books made into a movie. Whether by a low-budget company, a mini series, or play, that would be fine.

I am not picky. No, not a lick.

It is fun to fantasize about what actor would play the various characters in my book. Also, not to be outdone, to be on a higher tier as an author, one where one has big book signings and a higher presence in the book world.

There is fun in that. Dream big is a phrase I use a lot. But it is one I practice.

Authors and their blogs


How does one find content for one’s blog? What direction do you want to go? Will it be fun or more serious? These are just some questions to ponder when one takes on a blog.

When I first started, it was a mixture of different content. I would talk about anything that came to mind. That was fun to do.

But as I grew as an author, I decided to make this my author’s website. It would be the place to talk about my books, writings, brand, and all that came with being an author.

That comes with a lot of topics to discuss. Right? Most times, yes. Other times I sit at my desk and look around the room, trying to think of something. Topics I have not discussed before. I try not to recycle posts I have written in the past. However, some topics need to be mentioned again when it comes to writing.

As writers creating a place as a one-stop when it comes to your brand is helpful. I have made this site the hub of my social platform. You also can do this.

You can include links to your social platform, list your books, interviews you have done, pictures and videos, and so much more. It can be a site where people who are interested in your works can check you out. You want that as an author.

It is a good start to create a blog as an author to get your foot in the door and for the world to see who you are.

And you need the world to see who you are.