Have you encountered a book where the print was small?

Have you ever read a book where the print was small?

For Christmas, I received a book from one of my favorite authors, Bentley Little. I was so excited. Then I opened the book and was shocked. Usually, the font and size of the words are 12. This book was at 10.

I purchased a magnifier just to read the book. I didn’t get far.

When one creates a book, everything needs to be taken into consideration. Everything. One has to consider the book cover, editing, revising, and repeat.

But it never occurred to me about the size of the words. I never had to. I have publishers who are good at what they do. It was not until I opened this particular book did this came to mind.

Even on a good day, when I was younger, would I be able to read this without getting a headache.

I still have not finished it. I have completed two books since opening the cover of this particular novel. Considering how long I have waited for a new book by Little, this is frustrating. Maybe I will buy it in large print. Who knows, that might be what is a regular for the rest of us.

Sorry, Bentley, I adore you, but this book will be where it is at gathering dust for now. But it is now something I will keep in mind for future books that I write or buy.

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