FInding a title for your book: Easy or hard?

I am close to being done with the final edits for Jasper 4. The manuscript has been done for a while now but the editing process has taken longer than I wanted.

At the moment I do not have a working title. That reminded me of my past titles for my five books that are out. Of the five four were named by someone else. I know how that sounds.

So, I am thinking of ways to title this manuscript. Perhaps a contest, a giveaway or just suck it up and sit down and come up with a title.

It makes me wonder how people come up with titles for their works. If they get help from others or if they are good at figuring it out for themselves.

Some authors will use the main character as a title. Others will use the location of the book. From my titles alone it shows a tease of what is to be found inside between the covers.

One has to make sure that the title is relevant to what a reader will find. If there is a point to your book one can use that.

For example, in Jasper 3 the animals were in peril so I included that in the title. I did get cocky when I finally pulled out a book title on my own. So cocky.

One can’t just slap a title, any title, on your cover. It represents your work and it needs to correlate to the material

So I am back at square one in figuring out a title for this book. Hopefully, something will come to mind soon.

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