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My children’s chapter book placed in three categories in the UK: Shout it out loud when your book does well

Life has been good for Jasper and I for ebooks and audios last year and definitely this year. Granted ratings for books go up and down faster than a yo-yo does. I do check other countries that has Amazon affiliates hoping to add another country to the list. Some I have gotten close but I have not broken the top 100 yet apart from the US and the UK.

I am sure people are getting tired of me shouting about this. They might want to get earmuffs. I’m not stopping. Greedy? Yes, perhaps. Motivated? Ah, yeah.

I am going to piggyy back off last week’s blog post where I talked about enjoying the wins both big, small and in between.

I want more. I absolutely want more for my brand and myself. You should want that for your book as well.

It takes a lot of time to write a book and get it in the shape it needs to pitch to be published. Your book deserves it for you to be motivated and greedy when good things happen to it.

Enjoy it but want more. You should want more and more even when the wins slow down to a trickle and in some cases stop completely.

I just had someone read volume three of my Jasper, Amazon parrot series and he said I wrote another winner. That felt so good that this fan of my series is still happy with the books. That is another win.

Don’t sell yourself or your book short. Shout it from the roof tops any time and all time when good things happen. People not in this field might not totally get it but other authors will.

If you don’t celebrate and proclaim from the top of a mountain why will anyone else do that for you? If you can’t appreciate you for the hard work and accolades that come from your time, effort and books what will it take to get excited?

Celebrate the wins your brand earns: From the big, the little and all inbetween


I found this hidden on my file cabinet. I say on since it is in a frame with a magnetic strip on the back.

It was covered with other papers. I only found it by accident as I closed one of my drawers to the file cabinet a bit to hard and it fell.

This is the first dollar I have made as a writer a few years ago. I still have fond memories when I framed it.

I hope everyone who has a business does so as a reminder of what they are trying to achieve.

Writing can be and for the most part a solitary profession. Anything that can lighten the mood, motivate us or just put a smile on our face is worth it to be around our desk.

If you have won any award save those as well. Heck, frame them to. The times I have been on the Amazon Top 100 Best Sellers list for audio and Kindle I have taken screen shots of the sites. When I received two Readers’ Favorite award I did that as well.

You, as writers, are on a journey with your book and brand. One can easily get discourage and sadly stop once and for all. If you note the bench marks of your book with the good things that happen to it savor that. Make a point to save it in some format.

It is so easy to give up in this field. It really is. Reminding yourself of your victories, big or little, could be a good way to keep you going.

Secondary characters: Are you giving them the time they deserve?

Secondary characters are important in a story- any story. With them they help move the story along, they help your main character which can be good or bad and they make your story well rounded. They help reveal details, can motivate the main character and interact with the antagonist even if it is them.

A lot of people think it is all about the antagonist and protagonist. But we can’t be remiss about the other guys. The ones who are basically side kicks to our superheros of the novel.

Treating them like well second class citizens does them, your main character and your book a disservice.

I have read books where I preferred the secondary character so much more than anyone else. Just like a tv show or a movie where you prefer the supporting cast much more.

They help open up dynamics to your story line and possibilities that you would not get with just a single character. Unless you are writing a book where a person is all by themselves

Don’t let your book down by ignoring this important part of a novel. By doing so your book will be one dimensional. And unless you are writing a one character book your novel will have a strong shot at going nowhere.