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Count the big and small wows with your brand: Your book has earned it


Count the little things when it comes to your brand. For a lot of little things can add up to a whole lot of WOOHOO!

I think me staying home in quarantine has done wonders for my brand even though I have yet to start writing. During the time I have stayed home volume one of my Jasper, Amazon parrot series, “Jasper, Amazon Parrot: A Raiforest Adventure”,  had placed in the top 100 for Kindle in the UK in two categories. This same book was translated into Spanish.

I was flying pretty high than my head blew up. It placed in the top 100 for Kindle in the US for one category and was only three off from placing in two categories.

What the heck? These are events that happen to the high rising authors that everyone knows. The authors who have movies made out of their books.

Yet, Jasper and I was up there. But things don’t last as it was a short ride in the US. The ride in the UK was a tad longer.

This is just the more reason to take screen shots of any thing that is positive for your brand. I have a folder of screen shops of the accomplishments that has happened.

You got to enjoy the little moments of joy when it comes to your job regardless if they are one big wow to a bunch of little wows.

How this all happened I have no clue. But it has gotten me even more excited for my series, my brand and my writings. People out there are buying my books, leaving great reviews and are appreciating what I do. That deserves in its own right for me to pause, breath deeply and think, “Damn girl. You got something here.”

Take a few minutes and ponder. And if by chance it is something online take a screen shot or photo of it. You earned it. Your brand earned it. At least I think so.


Since I wrote this I have written three days in a row on volume four to my Jasper, Amazon parrot series. I have added 3500 words.

Writing through this pandemic crisis



How are you all doing during this pandemic? Have you gotten tired of your family yet?

A lot of articles recently have brought up the topic of working on one’s WIP. With time on our hands it seems this would be ideal for authors to do this.

So, have I done so? Sadly I have to say no. I have organized my office, done some home projects, spend time with the family and have worked outside in our yard.

I do feel a bit guilty that I have not worked on any manuscript or have not done any reviews from my long as heck TBR list.

The mantra of, “I’ll start fresh next week,” has gotten old. This is a shame for we are just in the beginning of this crisis where I am at.

I have received some lovely new reviews for my Jasper, Amazon parrot series which has been a boost for sure among all of this.

Still, I been in a frenzy of organizing and cleaning around and outside the home. The nerves and anxiety of what is going on in the world stays with me. Things that were so important seem minimal at best.

I hope all of you stay safe, stay home and only go out when it is needed.

Perhaps next week I will work on my manuscripts.


Volume one of my children’s chapter book series is now in Spanish: Woohoo!

I came across this picture on Amazon. The first volume in my children’s chapter book series is now in Spanish.


I had no clue this had happened. Even though I don’t speak Spanish I quickly purchased a copy for myself.

It is in ebook only at the moment. But I may be searching for something down the road and find the paperback also in Spanish.

This was a nice surprise to see my book translated into another language. It is a chance for more children to learn about Jasper, the rainforest and family values all in one book.