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Prefixes: Do you write them for your books?

I am not a fan of prefixes in a book. I normally will go to page one of a novel. Than I became a hypocrite and tried to write one for one of my books. It did not fare well for me or for people who read it.

I picked up a book on writing I received from a friend for my birthday. I was impressed, to a certain degree, how long the prefix. It was 37 pages. Seriously, 37 pages is what this author wrote.

I thought of reading it but left it alone. Sadly I have read books where the prefixes have been longer. Is there a need to write such a long one? What is the point? The goal?

On occasions I have read prefixes when they have been under 10 pages but that is not the norm for me.

As I write this post I decided to skim the book to see what was mentioned. I didn’t get too far.

To date it has never interrupted my love of reading or understanding any book when I have skipped to page one.

I understand the point of a prefix, I do. I just don’t get why a whole chapter, or in some cases two, of text is needed before a novel of fiction.

My children’s chapter book is now in three languages


My Jasper, Amazon Parrot series has now been translated into Portuguese. The above photo shows the Spanish version of volume one on the left while the one on the right shows the Portuguese version of volume one.

When I found out I just leaned back into my chair and marveled at the many avenues this series is spreading out into.

I am blown away. The translator had reached out to me for some guidance on some of the ling. And now the series has a new language to sport. My Jasper, Amazon Parrot series is now in English, Spanish and Portuguese. Granted, I will never be able to read the one not in English but I’ll have a copy of them.

My books are also in audio which is pretty cool especially since audio books is a fast growing industry. Besides being in Kindle and paperback soon Jasper will be in pocket book edition, hardcover and trade paperback which is slightly smaller than the standard paperback. To add to that he will be in a clear print, large print and extra large print which will search those who are visually impaired.

They are also working on merchandising for us as well. I know my publisher have more on the horizon for me and I will marvel at those when it is revealed.

For the moment I just think on where Jasper and I started with a book which was suppose to be all that there was. Now there are three books in the series, the fourth one is being edited and I am working on volume five.

I never expected all of this. But I am definitely enjoying the ride.

I hope the rest of you are enjoying the ride with your books. Take the time to enjoy how far you have come. If you think you have not come far just remember where you stood when you first started writing.

What is one thing you hate when it comes to writing?


What part of writing do you absolutely hate? Are we talking editing? Researching? Revisions? Or is it something else?

I use to not be a fan of research but now I absolutely love it. I use to not be a fan of revising. But now I do enjoy that as well.

The thing I hate the most is editing. When it comes to commas, past tense, effect vs affect, which is something I can’t seem to remember, dangling participles and gosh so much more. I have on many occasion dub myself the Queen of commas and past tense in the sense I am so bad at them I rule.

I know or rather I feel I can’t possible be alone. Yes, there are those who love to edit and do line by line editing. I do tend to give them a, “What the heck is wrong with you?, look. How can any possible enjoy doing that? But there are. Thankfully there are.

I have editors for a reason. They can do the stuff like this that I can’t be bother with or don’t want to be bother with.

I give all the props to editors. It is not easy and very time consuming. And as Mark Twain put it, Find a job you enjoy doing, and you will never have to work a day in your life.”

So, I will leave it to them. I will go back to the job I love doing which is writing.