Editing my children’s book: Jasper, Amazon Parrot vol 4

Since Squirrel Mafia vol 2 is with the publisher now, I got back to work on Jasper, Amazon Parrot vol 4.

My editor told me it was okay. I was looking for the magical word of solid. LOL

She meant the edits that I now need to address. Editing has never been my favorite part of the writing process. I have met many writers who love this aspect.

Over the years, I have mellowed a bit on this process. Actually, I have mellowed a lot. When it comes to grammar, that is not my cup of tea. I have an editor for a reason.

But when it comes to loopholes, restructuring a plot, making dialogue more pages turning worthy is now fun for me. The process of creating better content has made me a better writer. It has changed my mind on how I view revisions.

I wish I had a magic wand to wave over my manuscript.

But creating a book involves so many parts. Creating a better and more enjoyable book for the reader is always one of the ultimate goals.

But just in case anyone does find the magical wand that I mentioned above, however, please do let me know.

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