Writing tips for new authors: It can’t hurt to listen

What advice have you received or heard that helped you with your writing?

One of the first things, for me, was to write about what you know. This little nugget is how I started my children’s and humorous series.

It took me a few books to work outside of my comfort zone. I branched out into different genres that I might have left alone. So, while that advice got me started, I don’t rely on it.

I have a few other WIP that I am unfamiliar with the content. All I need to know is a couple of things in general. From there, I work around the idea. That is a tip I share with others.

It was freeing to explore the different roads writers take.

But also, invest in an editor. I know editors are expensive. But if you can find a good one, they are worth their weight in gold.

Find a good writing group. Now, there is not always one near you. There are numerous critique groups online. It could be a forum or a virtual meeting. They will help you find errors that go by you. They will improve your story in a way you might not have ever been able to obtain.

Making goals for your book is one I tell others. As you are writing, decide what you want to accomplish from it. I come up with achievable goals and over-the-top goals. Dreaming big is a mantra I keep.

There is so much advice out there. Too much, actually. You will have to weed through the forest of information you are getting. But when you find the ones that work, pay attention.

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