I was recently interviewed

I was interviewed online by the lovely Robin this week. Interviews are a great way to show your brand and self to the world. It is a chance for you to shout out, “Here I am!”

Back in the day, being interviewed by magazines, tv, and radio was different. It was not always easy to secure those spots.

The internet has given us a new avenue to have a spotlight shined on us.

There are many sites online looking for people to interview. It is a good marriage.

So, here is part of the interview with the link at the bottom if you want to read the rest.


Name or pseudonym: Sharon C. Williams

What genre/s do you write in, and why? I write in comedy, short stories, children, and drama.

I learned early to write on what I know. Well, that is what I had read from books and told from other authors.

Some of my novels come from observations around my home. Since I knew the specific topics they pertained to, it seemed like a place to begin.

Drama is a genre I wanted to try. I no longer feel I should stick to what I know. I’m excited to try out new genres in hopes of challenging me.

When did you begin writing, and was it something you’ve always wanted to do? As an avid reader, I always considered authors magical people I would place high up. I was in awe at how they transformed words into chapters and a story and weaved them perfectly.

I came to writing in my early 40ties. It was something that kind of fell into my lap. I never thought of writing before.

My husband had told a friend of mine earlier that he felt I wrote well. Upon her telling me this, I thought to myself, “Why not?” 

I started seriously writing in the Fall of 2009. I had a story in my head that would not let me rest. Having two surgeries at the end of 2009, non-related, gave me a lot of free time to put to paper the story.

What type of research goes into your writing? My children’s series is in the Amazon rainforest, to which I knew next to little.

Wanting the books to be educational and enjoyable, I researched the rainforest for months for the trees, animals, and plants. I have gone through at least half a dozen links to get the information right. I check links, books, and videos.

I want kids to learn, and by learning, maybe get engaged in the plight of the rainforest. I do this for the various genres I write. I want to be as accurate as I can.

I will also read books by authors who write in the same genres. Especially a new genre. I want to see how they go about the different aspects of that particular genre.

I have watched a variety of webinars to learn in any way to progress my writing.

Here is the link for the rest:


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