New Year Resolutions

2012-12-24 09.34.45

At the end of each December, people make a list of resolutions that they will try to accomplish in the new year. I am no exception. I keep mine simple and tend to use the same ones for they are what I need to try to concentrate on.

1-Try to eat right and exercise- For the most part I been doing well with this.

2-Save a little bit of money each month- This one well I am soso on. We all know when emergency hits the saving get plundered.

3-Try to treat others like you want to be treated- I can work on this more.

I might have some stragglers in the four and fifth spots but my primary ones are listed above. That was until I came across something on Facebook that made me pause.  The post mentioned to get a jar out and every time something nice happens regardless how small, place that on a piece of paper and put it in the container. By the end of 2013 empty it and see how many awesome things happened that you probably forgot occurred.

I really love this idea. We tend to narrow in on the big events in our lives. The items that made us pause and wonder about. The little things sometimes get overlooked or just completely forgotten. So I have decided to do this for the year 2013. I am already excited to see what will be placed in the jar.  The little things that made my day but got left at the waste side due to the hectic way of life. Perhaps this happens since it was not earth shattering by today’s standards. Maybe this will change my perception, I really hope it does.

Happy New Year every one. With that I hope it is an amazing year and that along the way you don’t ignore the little things in life that are just as important.

10 thoughts on “New Year Resolutions”

      1. I feel this is such a great message for every one too truly appreciate what they have. So I honestly had no issue with you reposting, I consider it a compliment. I tried to comment on your site but it asked me to prove I was not a robot but it would not let me prove that. 🙂

      2. I chose to re-post on that blog which I share with Jolie DeMarco as she is all about happiness and helping people. I need to look into the cmment section …:)Thanks for letting me know. I too feel getting re-posted is a HUGE compliment, but it is always prudent to ask….

      3. No problem. When it gets fix let me know. I love a blog that is all about happiness and helping people. That to me is itself a jar of of happiness. Well done!

        I think I will add this to the jar. I know it is early but it is a great start to my 2013 project.

  1. I too enjoyed your blog post and the picture of your “Happiness Jar.” I believe I will start one also but will expand it to include small things I appreciate so much.
    Perhaps, on occasion, I’ll include a picture, such as an especially beautiful sunset, or the little seedlings that pop up in the spring, or the laughter of a child. I even enjoy the snow that hangs heavy on the pine trees in my yard. (Hope it snows this year). All of those are gifts as well. Since I’ve retired I really do take time to smell the flowers. Now that I think about it I may need a really big jar.
    I am certain you will have a wonderful year and that before you know it you will need a bigger jar as well.

    1. I was so happy to read this comment, good for you Gina. Yes I am anticipating a bigger jar already. Today’s gratitude is actually a picture of some art a friend gave me. Good luck!

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