happy new year images 2013

Happy Happy New Year every one. It is officially 2013. A chance for us to start fresh one more time. It is to be filled with a lot of hope, good cheer and spirits. Let’s face it 2012 was rough for all of us. Across this great country people lost loved ones, workers got laid off or lost their jobs completely to those getting very sick  If that was not bad enough all one had to do was pick up the newspaper or watch the news to see the constant tragedy that plagues our world.

Each January however, many of us fill our hearts and mind with the prospect that this will be a better year. This includes me. Without hope where would we be? I am huddled in a corner afraid to look outside the window.  So Happy New Year every one, I hope 2013 is better for your families and yourself. Make a small list of resolutions or a million. Even if you fail at completing them at least for a small moment in time when you made that list you had good vibes for the future. I personally think that counts, a lot.

2013 here I come.

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