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Your book is done: Do you have a title for it?


Earlier this year I posted about how I didn’t have the title for a certain WIP of mine. How I wondered how writers come up with their titles and so on. Well now the time is really upon me. My editor just handed me the last edits for my manuscript which is the third installation for my Jasper series. At this point there is still no title for it and to be honest I have not given it much thought. While people get stressed over this I am more wanting to get the story out from my brain and onto the paper. But now it is time to come up with the name for it. I guess it is now my turn to stress.

I been thinking of having a contest with this in mind. Though how someone can title a manuscript that they haven’t read could be interesting. I could give a short synopsis of the book and people can draw from that. I hadn’t expected this series to well turn into a series. And at the moment I have ideas for a fourth and fifth. May this help me to find titles for them or if nothing else not take so long to title it.

I have to date never done a contest when it has come to my writing. There are so many options out there. You can do one on your social platform which I have seen on Facebook, Twitter and Goodreads just to name a few. Whoever comes up with the title I choose could either win a free book from the list of books I have written or I can write them in an upcoming book. What do you all think? Could this work? Or do I need to buckle down and figure this out on my own?

Book Cover Release: “Squirrel Mafia”


On March 13, we are having a cover re-reveal for Squirrel Mafia. The location will be your blog. The genre is nonfiction, humor and animals. All materials will be sent to hosts several days prior. You have the option of creating your own post with the materials, or you can use the preformatted HTML that will be provided.


If anyone is interested check out the link below.



Squirrel Mafia cover


Squirrel Mafia is about to be release. It took a little longer due to the fact I changed the pictures that will be placed in the book. My amazing editor worked up a new cover for me to check out. Here’s the thing though. I need people to tell me which one they like better. So if you have a moment can you leave in the comments which one you like, the first or second? Also if there are any suggestions feel free to include those as well.

Thanks in advance.