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When did you begin to feel you were an author?


I have had this discussion with members of my writing group. Some were more advanced with the mindset of if one writes, then one is a writer.

For me, it was when my first book was published. When I received my first royalty check, it just reinforced what I had told myself.

For many people in our circle, either of those reasons is the bar they set whether that person is family or friend. When one hears that repeatedly it is hard to break that mantra they have for you.

It takes a lot of work to write a book of any size. The easiest part is writing the darn thing. The work you put into a novel is minimal compared to the colossal amount of work left to do on the manuscript.

One still needs to do a vicious cycle of editing, revising, editing again, revising again, publishing and marketing your book.

Considering all that it takes if you write, you are an author. Don’t let anyone convince you otherwise. Only when those people write books of their own will they truly understand and get where the rest of us are coming from to doing this. Maybe if they wrote a book they would not be so dismissive of others.

I was just interviewed by a radio station: Out of England

This past Tuesday I was interviewed via Skype for a radio program out of England. It was not very long. But it gave me a chance to talk about my brand and myself.

It was a great opportunity to practice speaking about myself in this format.

I was nervous, excited and than I went back to being nervous. The interviewer, Ron, was a delight and helped me get over the butterflies I had. Within minutes it was over but in a short time it was like I was talking to a friend.

They thought I was awesome. Their words. I have been asked if I would like to come back in October to which I happily agreed.

Me? Agree to go back?

I rode this bike once so maybe that is why it was easy to say yes.

I am at 33 minutes and 29 seconds into the program. Give it a listen. Hopefully I don’t sound like a total doofus. LOL

Volume one of my children’s chapter book series is now in Spanish: Woohoo!

I came across this picture on Amazon. The first volume in my children’s chapter book series is now in Spanish.


I had no clue this had happened. Even though I don’t speak Spanish I quickly purchased a copy for myself.

It is in ebook only at the moment. But I may be searching for something down the road and find the paperback also in Spanish.

This was a nice surprise to see my book translated into another language. It is a chance for more children to learn about Jasper, the rainforest and family values all in one book.