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Book Release: September 7th


Well here it is. I been dying to release the cover for my book. I wanted to wait until I had the date in place before doing so. The cover stirs up a bunch of warm feelings inside. The picture of Jasper was sketched from a photo I sent to the illustrator. This is a pose he uses often making me wonder what he is thinking or maybe better yet plotting.

Jasper and I are almost there.

I have come up with a release date for my book, “Jasper, Amazon Parrot: A Rainforest Adventure”. The magical day is September 7th of this year.

Just typing that sentence and reading it out loud makes me all warm inside. I plan on buying every version of the book from ebook, to soft copy to hard copy. I want it all!

This has been a long journey and I’m now seeing the fruits of my labor of time, energy and endless meetings with fellow writers whether that be online or in real life.

I look at my bird Jasper and I tell him all the time, “Jasper you are going to be big, I tell ya big. Everyone will be talking about you.”

What he normally does is bend his head so I can pat him. The reward for giving me the material for the book. So long I give him plenty of shelled almonds he and I are good.

Now if I can only figure out how to get him to sign the book, then that be perfect.

Revisions From The Publisher



IMG_0148Last Friday my publisher sent me a file with the suggested edits for the book. I didn’t open it until Saturday for I didn’t want to freak out. That was good thinking. When I finally opened it I went through the pages and agreed with just about all her edits if not all of them. That was not the problem. The comments she left in the side made me realize oh boy this will take some time. Something that is in short supply here at the Williams household. With the book coming out in August it is truly crunch time.

Some of her comments will be easy fix. Some will involve some serious wizardry of words. I can do it I know I can. But it comes down to the deadline. One of the most important deadlines I have ever had. I am trying to remain calm but chaos is hitting me with the book cover release, the book being released, the book signings I am trying to set up and the marketing that is involved in any venture that you want to make successful.

I will just work on it one page at a time with a Pepsi by my side and just remind myself how far I have come and this is all part of the process. Okay that is a long as heck mantra I need a shorter one. I will go back to my mantra I used a while ago. Dream big. But to dream big one has to take what comes along with it the ups and downs. It will be worth it, I just have to get pass this mountain in front of me. I am sure there will be another one after wards but that is okay. Every step is a learning block for me for the next go round.

I can do this.




My Illustrator


Last week the illustrator from my publishing house contacted me. I went immediately into giddy mode. For this meant the next stage to getting my book published and in the stores. I needed to confirm which spider monkey my character Charlie was. For those who don’t know this, there are quite a few. But the image I had in my mind I passed along to Kim.

It was Jasper’s turn. Not just any yellow cheek Amazon would do. I wanted the company to capture the essence of my bird on the book cover and jacket. She told me what kind of poses she was looking for. I immediately started to plan in my head to take endless pictures of him in the coming days. Why I do not know. There are more pictures of Jasper in my computer then I have of some of my family members. Yes he has made that leap. Going over the endless folders I came up with a small arrangement for her to look over. I did warn her that there were going to be a lot, it ranged between 50-60 pictures. I was not taking any chances. But in case those did not work I sent her seven videos I had of my bird. From those she should be able to come up with something that says Jasper that I am happy with. This bird inspired this book and his personality wrote it. I was just the instrument that he used.

The various emails got sent. Sitting back in my chair a smile formed on my face. This was really happening. The hard work and time put into this venture was unfolding even more. Every step getting me closer to the release of my book. It does not get old, the excitement I feel every time I get more news from the publishing house. I can’t even imagine when the release date is upon me. I am sure you will all hear me from wherever you live. Until then I continue to write. It is what we all do as authors, write.