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Keeping your social platform updated

2013-02-04 08.49.23

Once you have started working on your platform do you keep it updated? The last few weeks I been going over my platform making sure my links are working, my list of books is updated and so forth to make sure it is as current as possible. Doing this daily for a few weeks has slowed me down but I found out how much I had let things go.

It had been a while since I had done this. What I found was links that were not working and my list of books didn’t showcase all that I had written. Stuff like this can make a viewer go to another page and not return to your business. I am like that also.

It is not fun and takes some time to keep one’s platform current but it is needed. Getting it started is one part of the work. Maintaining it is another. And when you start on your platform off don’t do like me. At first I went to just about every site that was out there determined to make my mark through that social media. What I got instead was frustration, becoming tired and putting up weak material. To keep that all up can drive a person crazy.

Not all platforms will work for you, choose the ones that do. When you do get your brand online started, maintain it. Three or four well done social media sites is way better then 10 poorly ones.

My YouTube Channel

There are many ways to promote ourselves and our books. I been working on my author’s platform for a number of years now and have a good grip on the areas I work on. Granted it took a lot of time and effort in the beginning but now I just do touch up once or twice a week.

A new format that I been trying to improve on is YouTube of which I do have a channel. It’s still small with some videos of Jasper and of my books but it is a good avenue for people to check me out. I need to spend more time on this aspect of promoting myself. You can show anything that pertains to you. In my case I have videos of my main character, I have videos of me signing my contract, and other videos of my birds.

It’s a good way for my readers to learn a bit about me for I think we will all agree the easier a reader can relate to an author the easier the bond will form between the two. I know that is how it works for me and with the authors I go gaga over. You know the ones: Stephen King, James Patterson, Agatha Christie and Bentley Little. Granted Madame Christie is no longer with us but the others I watch and observe what they do to make me adore them so and hopefully I can apply those methods to my own works.

So here is the link if anyone wants to take a gander at and perhaps subscribe to.

Social Platform: Quality vs Quanity


I started a newsletter in January of this year. I have a nice small following. This is a small challenge monthly to come up with things to say, especially if there is hardly any news, if any at all. I break it up into four to five parts. The first part is just a hello to the gang. From there I go to what is new since I last sent an issue to what writing projecting I am working on. The last two sections are pretty simple. I place a picture of my book with links to where it can be purchased. The last part is dedicated to Jasper. Without him this journey would not have been started. A picture or video of his royal greeness fills this spot.

I mentioned the small following. It made me thing that all things come with a bit of time. When I started this blog, I had roughly ten members who wanted to read what I had to say. It has grown over the last few years steadily. My blog that is strictly for book reviews is picking up steam one member at a time.

The same can be said for my Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, G+ and my Pinterest sites. I think of this due to the many offers there are out there to help you increase membership across the social medium platforms available to us. Yes it would be really awesome if my followers would be through the roof. But there is a lot to say for going at it slowly but surely as the numbers go up. These are the members that might stay with you a bit longer than any mad dash membership drive we might want to sign up for.

The saying quality over quantity comes to mind. I appreciate the people here who come to read my post and those on my other platforms. For with you all, I am building a connection with people, you are not just a name on a list of people. I prefer it this way. Staying power has a lot to do with connections and how well they work for the two involved.

So while I will continually get the email saying how to increase followers, I will pass. One has to do what feels right for them and the way I am doing it works for me.