My YouTube Channel

There are many ways to promote ourselves and our books. I been working on my author’s platform for a number of years now and have a good grip on the areas I work on. Granted it took a lot of time and effort in the beginning but now I just do touch up once or twice a week.

A new format that I been trying to improve on is YouTube of which I do have a channel. It’s still small with some videos of Jasper and of my books but it is a good avenue for people to check me out. I need to spend more time on this aspect of promoting myself. You can show anything that pertains to you. In my case I have videos of my main character, I have videos of me signing my contract, and other videos of my birds.

It’s a good way for my readers to learn a bit about me for I think we will all agree the easier a reader can relate to an author the easier the bond will form between the two. I know that is how it works for me and with the authors I go gaga over. You know the ones: Stephen King, James Patterson, Agatha Christie and Bentley Little. Granted Madame Christie is no longer with us but the others I watch and observe what they do to make me adore them so and hopefully I can apply those methods to my own works.

So here is the link if anyone wants to take a gander at and perhaps subscribe to.

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