Keeping your social platform updated

2013-02-04 08.49.23

Once you have started working on your platform do you keep it updated? The last few weeks I been going over my platform making sure my links are working, my list of books is updated and so forth to make sure it is as current as possible. Doing this daily for a few weeks has slowed me down but I found out how much I had let things go.

It had been a while since I had done this. What I found was links that were not working and my list of books didn’t showcase all that I had written. Stuff like this can make a viewer go to another page and not return to your business. I am like that also.

It is not fun and takes some time to keep one’s platform current but it is needed. Getting it started is one part of the work. Maintaining it is another. And when you start on your platform off don’t do like me. At first I went to just about every site that was out there determined to make my mark through that social media. What I got instead was frustration, becoming tired and putting up weak material. To keep that all up can drive a person crazy.

Not all platforms will work for you, choose the ones that do. When you do get your brand online started, maintain it. Three or four well done social media sites is way better then 10 poorly ones.

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