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I seen this video a few years ago and simply loved it. The song is from someone who to me was amazing. Even though we never met, his voice touched me deep inside.

A hug can bring a person up from the pits of despair, loneliness and sorrow. It builds one up and makes your heart smile on the inside. They are free and can say so much more than words do. It is easy and the results for me are amazing.

My son a few years back bought a shirt that had written on it “ Free Hugs” and wore it to school. Needless to say he got a lot of female hugging going on if ya know what I mean. 🙂 Some people are not huggers and that needs to be respected.

There are a variety of hugs.

-The one where two people barely touch as the exchange is done

-The one where the hug is so tight one has to come up for air

-The hug between two people who have not seen each other in years

-The hug between a child and their parent

-The one between a spouse greeting their loved ones after being away on tour, business and the likes.

Each vary in intensity, time and emotion. The faces may change but the emotion stays the same. An action that we as humans use to express ourselves without uttering a single word.

I love hugs.

For Israel, R.I.P

MS has been requested

Another publisher has tossed his name in the hat. I received an email for a request of the complete MS for “Jasper, Amazon Parrot: A Rainforest Adventure”. He inquired if I had an illustrator on hand.

This is someone from the free writers conference that I attended on February 25thof this year. The giddiness had not really evaporated from the previous publisher. Now the mood is full blow WOW.  They say milk does a body good, well so does this. An email was received last night saying it had been received and placed in the queue. I will know in 4-6 weeks. The waiting game begins.

I am trying to not over think this for that can get a person in trouble. Instead I will focus on my NaNoEdMo and continue to write. But as I do baby woohoos comes out of me and a big smile ends up on my face. It can’t be helped. I just want to stand up and shout, but what I would yell is uncertain, just now that is the sentiment that is radiating from my body.

Telling Jasper the good news, he just cocked his head to the side then lowered it for me to pat him.  That just about sums it up right as far as he was concern. If only his laid back attitude could be passed on through me right now.


As a female I have a few purses. Granted not the gazillions most girls have. I have under five at last check. One of my favorite ones is a big light green purse that only has one pocket on the side to put small items , otherwise it is a free for all. Just dump what you want to put in and go on your merry way. The other one is a smaller bag that is nice enough to use for functions, church and to look at least presentable.

With a bigger bag there is always the issue of trying to find one item in a big bag for there is no order to a bag with no pockets. Yet here is my dilemma. My smaller purse that has two small pockets on the inside and two on the outside gives me major grief. For me to find anything in it, I have to literally dump everything out to find a chap stick, nail clippers and so on. While my bigger pale green hippie looking bag I can find anything within mere seconds of looking for it.

What gives? Logically to me anyway it seems if it is smaller and has pockets I should have no issue but yet every single time I try to find something I mutter to myself. It always ends up with me promising myself that I will go back to my big free for all purse and yet I don’t. My family is so use to me fuss about this topic they have learned to ignore when it happens and just walk away. I live with smart men I suspect.

As a trained scientist I have yet to figure out what the problem but now at this point the matter is becoming mute. It is just another mystery of life. For trying to be presentable I will go with the smaller bag and for the days that is does not matter or I don’t care I will go the hippie route.