MS has been requested

Another publisher has tossed his name in the hat. I received an email for a request of the complete MS for “Jasper, Amazon Parrot: A Rainforest Adventure”. He inquired if I had an illustrator on hand.

This is someone from the free writers conference that I attended on February 25thof this year. The giddiness had not really evaporated from the previous publisher. Now the mood is full blow WOW.  They say milk does a body good, well so does this. An email was received last night saying it had been received and placed in the queue. I will know in 4-6 weeks. The waiting game begins.

I am trying to not over think this for that can get a person in trouble. Instead I will focus on my NaNoEdMo and continue to write. But as I do baby woohoos comes out of me and a big smile ends up on my face. It can’t be helped. I just want to stand up and shout, but what I would yell is uncertain, just now that is the sentiment that is radiating from my body.

Telling Jasper the good news, he just cocked his head to the side then lowered it for me to pat him.  That just about sums it up right as far as he was concern. If only his laid back attitude could be passed on through me right now.

9 thoughts on “MS has been requested”

  1. Fantastic! I did talk to a couple of writers “in the know” one of whom worked for the New York Times and is a published author. He said that you should always have your work professionally edited before sending it out. He compared it to a pro athlete who works with a coach and actually used all caps and said I would be stupid not to use one….In very small letters, I said, “Thanks I thought so….”

    1. Thank you for confirming what i thought. It is already hard enough as it is to make it, why make it easier on them to toss our work into the garbage to make their life easier? Thank you for posting this.

      1. I was so shaken up by his comment that I made two grammatical errors in my reply…I am sure he shook his head and thought. Wow what a loser. She better hire somebody… 🙂

      2. No I don’t, but what he recommended is to find one in your genre. Mine would be paranormal fiction. When I am ready, I will put my feelers out and hope for the best..good luck to you!

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