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Japan loves my writing: Kind of




I found out in March I sold an ebook in Japan. That makes three, maybe four, so far. I am starting to know what David Hassolhoff feels like when he is in Germany. LOL. I have no clue how people in this far away land are hearing about me. I know people who have been to and have lived in Japan but they are now back in the US. It doesn’t matter, not really. But I am curious what marketing tool I am using or doing that is working in the Land of the Rising Sun. For I would definitely be doing more of it.

Checking my stats I have sales in Egypt, Japan, England, Spain, New Zealand and the good old United States. That is definitely a pretty good feeling.

Book Cover Release


IRBC1aGRTitle: Iocasta’s Reprieve

(A Warriors of Galantha Short Story)

Author: Lissette E. Manning

Publisher: L. D. B. Press

Release Date: December 17, 2013

Genre: Dark, Fantasy, Science-Fiction


Iocasta has a secret. One, she’s loath to reveal.

It’s no secret that Iocasta Meldren is the apple of her father’s eye. As the Goddess of Life and Love, she’s lived a very privileged life. For as long as she can remember, she’s basked in the adoration of those who follow her, an adoration she makes the most of.

A chance encounter one fateful night robs her of that which she holds the most dear. She’d give anything to hold tight to the remnants of her broken innocence. She’s lived with the repercussions of that night since then, praying that no one learns of her precious secret. Deep inside, she wishes she could keep the life she’s now entrusted with.

Iocasta knows her time is running short. The wolf hovers at her door, ready to release her from the burden she now bears. If she’s to succeed in holding fast to the one thing she loves the most, she’ll need to devise a plan to keep her enemy at bay. Her precious bundle must be protected, at all cost. The question is, how can she do just that when there’s no one trustworthy around to give her the helping hand she so clearly needs?


NaNoWriMo: I caved


I caved. I caved caved caved. I just wrote a post last week how I was not going to do NaNoWriMo 2013. On Friday I opened up a word document so I could jot down some ideas for a book. I ended up with over 3k words by the end of the day. The fever had reached me subconsciously. I scold and reminded myself why I was not doing this frenzy. I don’t have time. I need to work on the book that just got released. My doctors will not be happy.

But the fever that started within me in 2011 has never left. The fire of writing a book in November each month still lives. My stubbornness with this is to win. To do anything else is not an option for me. They may not be 60k great words but there will be 50k words before November is out. That is the plan.


This is how I started my NaNoWriMo book for 2013:

The devastation came silently. No one knew it was coming until it was too late. The quiet killer the perfect weapon. No one had a chance.

War had been rampant in the Middle East for years. But the US had always been able to keep it at bay from their native shores for the most part. But there were some things they couldn’t stop. The virus that coursed through the veins of millions of Americans. It started with the young, the elderly and the weak.

But that was not enough. More was to come. No one could prepare for what was next.

I wrote this on my Facebook page and my peeps welcomed me into the collective, knowing that this was bound to happen. Not one was really shocked. People have given me some good comments to the above opening. I like it. As of Monday night I was at a little over 14k words.

Stay tune. Hopefully this is not a foolish dream to complete and win NaNoWriMo for 2013.