Japan loves my writing: Kind of




I found out in March I sold an ebook in Japan. That makes three, maybe four, so far. I am starting to know what David Hassolhoff feels like when he is in Germany. LOL. I have no clue how people in this far away land are hearing about me. I know people who have been to and have lived in Japan but they are now back in the US. It doesn’t matter, not really. But I am curious what marketing tool I am using or doing that is working in the Land of the Rising Sun. For I would definitely be doing more of it.

Checking my stats I have sales in Egypt, Japan, England, Spain, New Zealand and the good old United States. That is definitely a pretty good feeling.

4 thoughts on “Japan loves my writing: Kind of”

  1. Cool! I get lots of UK, Germany, France and Russia– Ironic how certain kinds of stories fair in different/oddly unexpected regions.

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