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Pictures inside your book


In my first book there were few pictures. This was something I received slack on. The ones it came from were my friends. The ones who don’t have books out yet and haven’t gone through the process of putting a book together.

I wish there had been more but there was a reason why there wasn’t. Price. The more pictures you place in a book the more expensive the book is to of set the cost of the pictures. I didn’t want to have my very first book be so high that few people would purchase it. And to be honest who could blame them? Definitely not me.

When my second book came out, Squirrel Mafia, I wanted pictures for each chapter, a challenge for my team to get it in there just right without making the pictures look crappy hence the book crappy. Now the price will go up for two reasons. The first as I mentioned by having pictures in the book. But if those pictures are color, than watch out for  the price goes incredibly up as is the case with my color version of Squirrel Mafia. But I did that one for a purpose, it was for me. I wanted one in color to give to my mom, my mother in law and to have one for myself . I did not expect anyone else to purchase it since it is high. Well, I was wrong. People are buying which is nice but suppressing.

Price of your book does depend on a few factors and pictures are one of them. Whether you add pictures or not, color photos or not or rather you just have text. It is up to yo, but one must keep in mind with the price, the audience your book is geared at and if they will be willing to pay those prices.

Choosing your book cover

Jasper amazon parrot

My publisher sent me illustrations for me to ponder over for volume two of my children’s series. This is normally a fun part of the job. Normally. Making sure I have a product I can be happy with I asked people in the business and those who had purchased volume one on what they thought.

I should have braced myself. I knew it was coming. It did. The only thing they seem to agree on as a whole was the cover. Everything else was a free for all as I received comments in my email box. It took me five people before someone agreed with what I thought on the pictures. I never tell people what my opinions are for I don’t want to influence them either way.

So now I need to sort out what everyone said, what I think and to put it into some kind of order before I present to the publisher what I like, don’t like, what needs to be fixed and what we will be keeping. It is still fun for I get to see the book progress to the next level as the company works on final edits. We are getting so close to the end it is getting very exciting.

Book covers. It took me just as long to go over the cover for the first volume which is shown above. Who knew it be so time-consuming to pick one that works for us?

The Final Say: Book Cover


I am fortunate that I have the final say when it comes to my book. It means the buck stops with me. AWESOME!

However that doesn’t mean I know what I’m doing. It just means I get the last word whether that be right or wrong. Case in point my book cover for “Jasper, Amazon Parrot: A Rainforest Adventure”. Last Friday the illustrator sent me four images for me to choose from. I knew which one I liked but yet I took the time to have people look at the pictures to give me their ideas. This was a good thing. For with some slight changes to the images the illustrator was able to come up with two images for me to decide from.

I knew immediately which one I wanted and loved. Granted both were amazing. Did I go with my gut? Nope. I asked people to see what they thought. Heck when I was making copies at Staples I asked the man who made the copies and the lady next to me. I was covering all angles just to make sure I was picking the right one.

It is not always easy having the last say. If I mess up it could determine if my book stays on the shelves and collect dust or is picked up to be looked over. I have to be frustrating the publisher and her illustrator. I know if I was in that situation I might be as well. I just need to make sure I do it right. The book comes out in August which is within viewing distance

Sunday I wrote the illustrator with my decision. It is time to move on. What I am waiting for is to view illustrations inside the book. While this is all fun and exciting it is a big stressful. But I do have a case of Pepsi to ingest, my version of alcohol.

This is an amazing ride.