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The Final Say: Book Cover


I am fortunate that I have the final say when it comes to my book. It means the buck stops with me. AWESOME!

However that doesn’t mean I know what I’m doing. It just means I get the last word whether that be right or wrong. Case in point my book cover for “Jasper, Amazon Parrot: A Rainforest Adventure”. Last Friday the illustrator sent me four images for me to choose from. I knew which one I liked but yet I took the time to have people look at the pictures to give me their ideas. This was a good thing. For with some slight changes to the images the illustrator was able to come up with two images for me to decide from.

I knew immediately which one I wanted and loved. Granted both were amazing. Did I go with my gut? Nope. I asked people to see what they thought. Heck when I was making copies at Staples I asked the man who made the copies and the lady next to me. I was covering all angles just to make sure I was picking the right one.

It is not always easy having the last say. If I mess up it could determine if my book stays on the shelves and collect dust or is picked up to be looked over. I have to be frustrating the publisher and her illustrator. I know if I was in that situation I might be as well. I just need to make sure I do it right. The book comes out in August which is within viewing distance

Sunday I wrote the illustrator with my decision. It is time to move on. What I am waiting for is to view illustrations inside the book. While this is all fun and exciting it is a big stressful. But I do have a case of Pepsi to ingest, my version of alcohol.

This is an amazing ride.