Pictures inside your book


In my first book there were few pictures. This was something I received slack on. The ones it came from were my friends. The ones who don’t have books out yet and haven’t gone through the process of putting a book together.

I wish there had been more but there was a reason why there wasn’t. Price. The more pictures you place in a book the more expensive the book is to of set the cost of the pictures. I didn’t want to have my very first book be so high that few people would purchase it. And to be honest who could blame them? Definitely not me.

When my second book came out, Squirrel Mafia, I wanted pictures for each chapter, a challenge for my team to get it in there just right without making the pictures look crappy hence the book crappy. Now the price will go up for two reasons. The first as I mentioned by having pictures in the book. But if those pictures are color, than watch out for  the price goes incredibly up as is the case with my color version of Squirrel Mafia. But I did that one for a purpose, it was for me. I wanted one in color to give to my mom, my mother in law and to have one for myself . I did not expect anyone else to purchase it since it is high. Well, I was wrong. People are buying which is nice but suppressing.

Price of your book does depend on a few factors and pictures are one of them. Whether you add pictures or not, color photos or not or rather you just have text. It is up to yo, but one must keep in mind with the price, the audience your book is geared at and if they will be willing to pay those prices.

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