Cross Promotions


2013-07-27 09.19.12

     How many people actually do cross promotions? I find regardless if you publish traditionally or self publish, you need to get your name out there. More and more authors are required to put in the time and work needed to do their own marketing. This is where cross promoting can lend a helping hand. I have had a long belief that writers need to help other writers. This is not an easy career we have chosen. Helping each other not only builds contacts but in some cases good relationships and even friendships. Something that can only help us.

     This could come in a few ways: interview an author, showcase their books, have a guest post from an author on your site, when an author has news or special offers share on your site or do a review of their books. These are the ones I have done in the past minus the interview though I will be remedying that soon. My site is strictly for book reviews though I place the reviews on Goodreads, Amazon, and Shelfari as well. It is my way of giving back. I been fortunate that people have opened their doors and have interviewed me on their sites. Others have showcased my books, a guest post and reviews of my own books.

     They are fun to do. But not only that, when I do it for others it always gives me a good feeling inside that I helped a fellow writer out. Cross promotion is an invaluable tool we have in our arsenal, we really shouldn’t ignore it if we can help it. It’s a big world out there. Why make it even bigger by not helping each other?


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