The Wonder Chicks: A Writing Group

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     I formed a writing group a few years ago called the Wonder Chicks. At first it was just my gal pal Lisa and me. It soon blossomed into a group of five amazing women. Yes I am including myself in that. We have five members and that’s enough. A lot gets done when we are together. We can get kinda of loud. All one has to do is ask anyone at Barnes and Noble who has been seated near us. Our enthusiasm for each other and our own project usually gets us carried away.

     Last year we wrote the book, “Dragons in the Attic” which was released last December. It was a lot of work, time and effort as we did what was needed to get this out. Through the ups and downs of getting five authors to work on a project like this together was not easy. There was a lot of laughter, some tiffs and a heck of a lot of smiles. We still remain friends to this day and our group is just as strong.

     On March 12th we ran our book up the Amazon Best Sellers List and peaked at number nine which we are very proud off. On March 25th we spoke at a local library. We each read an excerpts from one of our stories. After which we each talked a bit on several topics. Mine was on the differences between self traditional publishing.

     I been told by a few people we did a really good job. I’m really proud of my ladies. Not only are they awesome writers, they are also amazing women in their own rights. They are supportive and caring individuals who gets what it means to be a writer. They celebrate my ups and listen to my downs. They are my own personal cheerleaders.

     I love how any one of us can contact the others and say, “Hey, let’s get together and write.” Or another might say, “I have a chapter I need help on.” And we circle the wagons as we work on whatever project that is being discussed. It is a great group, one that has truly enhanced me. What started out as writers meeting has turned into really awesome friendships. Lisa, Gina, Robin and Missy I have to say thank you.


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