Am I Successful?: A Writer’s View


How do you define success as an author? When I first started writing a few years ago, my goal was to write a book for any future grandchildren. That was the scope of it. But that soon changed when I decided to throw my hat into the ring and make a go as a writer by trying to get my book published. My goals soon changed as I wanted my book picked up by a publisher, placed in libraries and book stores. A big dream indeed. I’ve always been a dreamer for as long as I can remember. The thoughts that constantly flow threw my brain would make some people dizzy.

But once my goal for my children’s book came to pass, all three have happened, I had to sit back and decide what was next. It was logical to write volume two which I have and it’s in its final edits. I am about forty percent done of volume three.

My book has sold in Egypt, India, England, Scotland and the US. I have had a number of interviews and Jasper has flown to quite a few places.

So would people consider this successful? Well it all depends on who you ask. A good portion of people will break it down to money and how much am I making from it. I have read it takes a new author two to three years to actually get to that point. If the cards falls right for them.

Do I consider myself successful? My goals have been met for my Jasper series down to the last line. Do I feel successful? In a way I don’t for I still have a long way to go but when I look at the grand scheme of things I have come a long way. A time from when people would roll their eyes when I said I was writing. When people were waiting for me to give up my writing hobby and move on. A time when I was not taken seriously so basically kept it to myself and other writers.

Now that I have written all of the above I pause as I think of how I feel on this topic. It is an accomplishment I am very proud off. It took a lot of time, effort and grief to get to this point. So how do I celebrate?

-I framed my writing contract

-I framed a copy of the cover to my book

-I framed a copy of the computer screen when my writing group, The Wonder Chicks, made the Amazon Best Sellers list

-I framed my first dollar earned.

I am slowly running out of space. But now it is time for new goals and dreams as I push forward. And for me to work at getting them accomplished. It’s tough being a dreamer. But it helps me strive forward and keeps me motivated.



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