Happy Birthday To Me




Today is my birthday. WOOT. It has already been a great one so far. Last Friday my son took me out for lunch and then to see the new Captain America movie. We had a good time and had some mom and son bonding.

I have received some lovely cards and money to boot. More WOOT here. My husband took me out to eat on Sunday to a place of my choice. On Monday my friend Adrianne took me out for lunch. I have received the book “ Wired For Story” from my good friend John. And a really good thing is I joined the IHOP birthday club so this means I received an email for a free meal at IHOP. And my husband just surprised me a few minutes ago with a transformer computer. These are the ones that are a tablet and laptop in one. WOOT WOOT WOOT

All of this has happened before today even made its way. It has been a good few days. The last two years I have spent my birthday the same way. I have gone to a local nature park with some cameras, sketch book, a reading book and some good sneakers.

It looks like it will be raining today like it did yesterday so I might not be able to do anything more than walking and taking pictures in the rain but I am down with that. It is a chance for me to stay away from the computer and electronics, though will keep my phone with me, and just enjoy the day to do things I love to do. Granted I can do this just about any time of the year but we all know life has a way of getting in the way.

For my birthday I am able to shed those to the side and just contract on some distracted hours and not feel guilty about it. I expect to have a blast, I tend to when I give my mind and body a break from the stress of events going on around me.

I have more to look forward to. Tomorrow a friend is feeding me lunch for my birthday and later on this week my ladies from my writers group will partake in a meal with me as we celebrate my birthday.

Fun times ahead. I prescribe this for everyone. It is good for the soul.



18 thoughts on “Happy Birthday To Me”

      1. And it continues. Today a friend treated me to lunch and got me a gift, I found a free meal at IHOP,( I joined the IHOP birthday club) I need to use and friends are meeting on Friday for dinner for my birthday. I can get use to a week of fun, laughter, gifts and so on. LOL

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