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Writing through this pandemic crisis



How are you all doing during this pandemic? Have you gotten tired of your family yet?

A lot of articles recently have brought up the topic of working on one’s WIP. With time on our hands it seems this would be ideal for authors to do this.

So, have I done so? Sadly I have to say no. I have organized my office, done some home projects, spend time with the family and have worked outside in our yard.

I do feel a bit guilty that I have not worked on any manuscript or have not done any reviews from my long as heck TBR list.

The mantra of, “I’ll start fresh next week,” has gotten old. This is a shame for we are just in the beginning of this crisis where I am at.

I have received some lovely new reviews for my Jasper, Amazon parrot series which has been a boost for sure among all of this.

Still, I been in a frenzy of organizing and cleaning around and outside the home. The nerves and anxiety of what is going on in the world stays with me. Things that were so important seem minimal at best.

I hope all of you stay safe, stay home and only go out when it is needed.

Perhaps next week I will work on my manuscripts.