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Jasper, Amazon parrot is flying once again: volume four is finished

Last week I finished the first draft of the fourth volume to my children’s chapter book series. It’s also know as the Jasper, Amazon parrot series. It caters to middle grade children.

I was able to accomplish this due to the sheet above that challenged writers to write something every day for a month. Jasper 4 had already been started so it only took me a couple of weeks to finish it up. Since I still had half the sheet left over I worked on editing the first draft.

When I reread the whole manuscript from scratch I saw so much work was going to be needed to get this work in tip top shape. The loopholes I saw were huge. The grammar well I am not good with grammar so I didn’t get discouraged from that. Though I am getting much better at it since I started this career as a writer.

Knowing how much needs to be done is daunting. To date I am about half way done doing the first round of edits on this volume. I am a stickler for getting things right when it comes to the animals, what they do, the issue I am addressing in a book and so much more. This will be read by kids or to kids by parents. I want to make sure I make it as accurate as possible. I don’t want them to just read it for fun. I want them to learn about the animals, the region, care about them and the topics that plague this area. Just because it is a children’s book doesn’t mean they don’t deserve the same treatment that other target audiences receive.

But you know what? I am done the first draft. I am done. That feels so good to say out loud. Jasper is flying one more time with new characters, new issue and more camaraderie with family and friends.

Writing through this pandemic crisis



How are you all doing during this pandemic? Have you gotten tired of your family yet?

A lot of articles recently have brought up the topic of working on one’s WIP. With time on our hands it seems this would be ideal for authors to do this.

So, have I done so? Sadly I have to say no. I have organized my office, done some home projects, spend time with the family and have worked outside in our yard.

I do feel a bit guilty that I have not worked on any manuscript or have not done any reviews from my long as heck TBR list.

The mantra of, “I’ll start fresh next week,” has gotten old. This is a shame for we are just in the beginning of this crisis where I am at.

I have received some lovely new reviews for my Jasper, Amazon parrot series which has been a boost for sure among all of this.

Still, I been in a frenzy of organizing and cleaning around and outside the home. The nerves and anxiety of what is going on in the world stays with me. Things that were so important seem minimal at best.

I hope all of you stay safe, stay home and only go out when it is needed.

Perhaps next week I will work on my manuscripts.


New publisher, new covers and a new book: A whole lot of new for 2019

Well, the year 2019 is almost done. It seems every year goes faster than the year before. A lot has happened business wise for me which I have blogged about. Between a new publisher, new covers, a new book release, being on the Amazon Best Selling 100 list for audible for a few weeks and gosh so much for I am sure that all of this had a hand in this year going at a fast pace.

It is always time to look what my goals are for a new year which means pulling out my promotion calendar. I’m filling it up with what I have already set in place as far as interviews, spotlights, marketing and so forth.

Planning ahead for this is always a good idea so you don’t run around like a chicken with its head cut off. You don’t have to fill every single square of your calendar. But to have a general plan can only help your brand and yourself.

My goal will be to have a month by month expectation of what I want to accomplish and hopefully I will be able to get all of it done or as close as possible.

But why month to month when the experts say do day by day? Well, life. It has a way of shaking you awake and reminding you that you have family, friends and issues that need to be attended to. If you plan every day of the year for your business a simple snafu can derail you mentally and send you into a small spiral if you are not equip to handle small fires.

But do prepare. If I had not been prepared having a promotion for volume two and releasing volume three of my children’s chapter book series on the same day I would have been a real mess. I get why my publishers did it but it was a hectic day.

May 2020 be a year of joy, happiness, good health, love and more ups than downs.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.