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Where do you get your ideas from for your writing?

Do you get ideas for your stories or novels at the wrong time? And what do you do about it, if anything?

One of my favorite places to get ideas at the wrong time is at night when I am about to go to sleep, tossing and turning, and so on. Ideas will pop in, and I do the same thing each time because it works so well. I say to myself, I will remember this tomorrow, for I don’t need to write it down. Because that always works. Ugh. I am not sure why I can’t put a notepad near me. Well, I have, but did I put anything in? No. Instead, I tell myself that I will remember that.

Another place where ideas come to me is in the car. That reminds me. I need to put a notepad in the car. I rarely keep my cell phone out unless I am charging it. I don’t call or text when I am driving. It can wait.

Another place that is just peachy when I come up with ideas is the shower. Because nothing says story ideas like a shower, am I right? I won’t bring up the idea that came to me on how to remember the story idea. Just too stupid. But this is where I get a mega amount of story ideas.

The point is ideas will come at you from all directions, any time of the day, and at any eventful thing you are doing. It doesn’t care if the doctor is about to come into the examination room. It doesn’t care if it is finally your turn at the DMV or any place where you have time to wait. It is not a concern if you are doing anything else. Ideas will pop in at will and demand you pay attention to them.

I am getting better at writing these down or noting them for later. Still, for all I know, I may have had the idea for a NY best-selling book, but I didn’t, for whatever reason, write it down.

How many ideas do you have for novels?: Even if you never get to write them all

How many ideas do you have as an author? At this point, I have just way too many. There is no way I can write them all out before I am long gone. So, why do I keep adding thoughts and ideas to my bulging notebooks?

It’s what we do as writers. It might be the one that excites us in ways the other ideas have not.

Once I started writing, I had one idea. I was okay with that at the time since I was writing. I know a local writer who is working on her first book. When asked what other ideas were percolating, she stated this was her only idea. She was okay with that to write one book. Yes, the room went silent.

Another local author stated the same thing, but being around the group and other writers, she soon started to compile ideas and since have written another book.

It is contagious once you write an article, short story, novella to a full-length book. For us, once the writing bug has hit, it does not go away, if ever, regardless of how many ideas for books we will never get to write.